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You always get benefits in your life if you are a part of Techbits and each and every Member of Techbits is a part of our Family so we provide special discounts and offers on some Products and Services. So if you are a member of techbits then you can access everything for FREE .



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   Are You a Student ?

What You can get ?

Check out the special " deals for you " on various  Mobile phones , Laptops , Books and other newly launched gadgets . The " special offers " section provide you discount and deals available specially for techbits members only . WE know what a student need .

You can also  :
  •  Buy second hand books from other students of IPU
  •  Buy notes (hard copy only ) and also get notes for free .
  •  Get new books  , exchange books  and get books for free
  •  Buy used DRAFTERS  and other stationary items from others .
  •  Buy  mobile phones , computer & computer parts , laptops , games , gadgets  from other members
  • Looking for any other thing ? just check it out , it might be available here at techbits offers .

You can save your time you usually spend to buy books from nayi sarak or any other place .

What you can provide ?

  • Sell you previous semester notes or provide then for free , better than giving it to kabari wala .
  • Sell your previous year BOOKS to other students .
  • You can also provide your books for free to help those who need it .
  • You can sell your gadgets , laptops , mobile phones , RAM , Games etc .
  • DRAFTER !  ya really , what you gonna do with that drafter ? SELL IT .


" A Platform For IPU Students To Buy And Sell Stuff "