Author Topic: Intel: "ARM can't run legacy apps on Windows 8"  (Read 1266 times)

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Intel: "ARM can't run legacy apps on Windows 8"
« on: May 22, 2011, 02:16:40 pm »

Well Windows 8 is approaching its BETA Development stage, and in a recent seminar, intel supremos speaks out

Quote/Ask Question

      We've been working with Microsoft on Windows for probably 20
years, this year. We've been their partner for a long time everybody
writes about it, everybody talks about it.

      But what you may not know, is that we have an on-site development
team in Redmond that actually works deep inside the OS to make sure that
 the platforms, and the features, and the new instructions whatever
new thing we're inventing is ready to go at the time of introduction
of the latest Microsoft environment.

      Intel has a unified architecture. What that means is that
applications and operating systems can run from one generation of Intel
platform to the next generation, and the same applications are going to
run, forward- and backward-compatible.
You can run the same
application between different versions of our architecture between
Atom, between Xeon, between Core which is not the case for our
competitors in the ARM ecosystem.

Intel to END Wintel Era

Should Intel be concerned over the end of the "Wintel" era? For the past decade, the strong duo of Intel processors and Windows operating systems dominated 90% of computers worldwide, although now the domination is slowly shrinking with the emergence of mobile devices displacing traditional computers. Opponents of "Wintel," at least the Intel part of the equation, might have been happy to learn earlier this year of Microsoft's decision to support the ARM architecture in Windows 8. There is a large ecosystem of mobile devices with efficient low-power processors, powering a wide range of mobile operating systems from iOS to Android to Windows Phone 7.

Catchy Update : Microsoft Shows off Windows 8 running on SoC, build numbers revealed

 Microsoft announced today at CES 2011 that the next iteration of its desktop OS, Windows 8, will be a System on a Chip (SoC) architectures.

The announcement, which comes before the Microsoft keynote at CES later today, means that Windows 8 will have the ability to run on architectures that only Windows Embedded had been able to run on before. This includes ARM based architecture, which Microsoft runs Windows Phone 7 on right now.
 Microsoft's initial launch partners for SoC are AMD, Texas Instruments, Intel, ARM, nVidia and Qualcomm. The company says that the move is so that they can enable greater collaboration across PC's, tablets and phones with Windows 8.
Microsoft's vision for Windows 8 is combining devices together, so that you aren't required to carry 3 devices when you travel such as a phone, pad and laptop. The company is focussing on Windows 8 on slate devices, as well as smaller form factors.

And till then...

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