Author Topic: Comparison of placements of ASET, MSIT, GTBIT, MSIT, NIEC, HMR, GPMCE, BPIT  (Read 18583 times)

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well well..

Yes, ASET is not preferred because of its campus infra and location.. But mind you, by studying in ASET, we get prepared for any sort of environment given to work in.. It's a 4 year rigorous training that we go through just by the virtue of getting admitted to that colg :P

Well, jokes aside.. I, unlike some others, knew the campus before taking admission into it.. But, I really preferred going to a colg where I was quite sure that I would get placed, rather than having 4 years of campus fun.. (on 6000 rank, I was offered ICE in BVP and none in MAIT, as far as I rmbr..). And yes Amity at that time did boast about its 100% placement. Well, I entered colg and I could see that.

Not just the placement guarantee impressed me, but also the fact that I had been offered with a lot many opportunities which my frds at MSIT and GTBIT weren't.. to some extent not even BVP and MAIT..

For sure at BVP and MAIT, they had 2-3 companies in hand. But finally, at 6000 rank I got the stream of my choice at ASET, and at the end of 4 years, I am placed in the likes of same companies offering more or less similar packages, that many of my friends at BVP, MAIT and MSIT are..

No doubt, the placement opportunities at BVP and MAIT were immense. Infact, I came to know (and even envied :P) that EnY visited BVP, and no such consultancy company visited ASET.
But nonetheless, MS visited offered 16 lpa, same as it offered to NSIT and DCE students, Navy, Work Applications, Google.. I did sit for all of them, didn't get selected though.. Whose fault? Certainly not ASET's. Instead I had the opportunity atleast.. I would have the same chances of selection even if I was in BVP or MAIT..

I'd really like to say that I was very satisfied with my decision 4 years back.. really satisfied with the placement scenario at ASET. As far as on campus placement is concerned, I'd certainly vouch for it..

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Oye Manish Paul to Narayana jaata tha na?  I remember now, then to ASET, and some pics berating it in 1st year? :D

Quantitatively, I won't differ on the fact that ASET placement wise is as good as some of IP's top dogs.

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this is one the most intriguing debate of this forum.. So now these colleges can be arranged like this--
And so on..


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