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« on: November 04, 2014, 04:04:03 pm »
CPT AND DEST are test conducted by staff selection commission after tier 2 for the post of assistant section office (cpt) group B, and Tax assistant (dest)group C.

few important things

The system will be provided by the commission and some time you may have pretty awesome bad luck and you may end up with faulty keyboard, so you should check system and report issues if any.

lab would be like


It has three part
Module one typing test
Module two the excel test
Module three the PPT test

Module I

It is a qualifying test only and completing the test in 5 minutes will not get you home posting but failing will get you

if you have very low marksm near cutoff of TA

Anyways, it is simple tying test in which you will be either given a page with roundabout 2000 key (depression including spaces) or the the application will show you the text on screen

few noteworthy point about the application used by ssc

1. They will not take test ie Module I on microsoft words or textpad or notepad, Commission  have there own application specifically designed for this purpose only. Notepad comes closest to it in feature and notepad is different than wordpad.
2. They don't have infrastructure though, so you may be called at some college or school which would invariably be near to SSC Regional HQ.
3. For module 2 and 3 which are only for cpt they don't have any specific application they will be using microsoft excel and ppt the version of which would be    available in the lab there in school or college used for the purpose. But chances are they will be using MICROSOFT OFFICE 2007
4.For module 2 and 3 timing will be noted on/by watch.

now again coming to module 1
it is basically a typing speed test and nothing.
now the question is where do you stand at present. well you can check here what is your speed at present.
complete the test there and see what is your typing speed in wpm before you began muster the courage to read this long one.

what they actually judge : it will require you to make
correct 2000 key depression in 15 minutes not just 2000 depression
so either you be very very careful from the start and complete the test without any minimal error or you compete it well ahead of time and go for review.

Very common misconception  is that you can't edit what you typed, well that is wrong, the application works like notepad in the sense that you can edit -use backspace and delete etc.
But unlike office or wordpad it will not highlight your error that is if you type "
India" as "india" it will not tell you by underlining the error with red colour, like office word and wordpad do, that you have made an  error so you have to yourself verify that what you are typing is correct.

How are the error calculated

There are two types of error one is half error and the other full error

half error in dest/cpt example : if you type
'bat' instead of 'cat' and here your error is of just one key depression it is counted as half error.
if you type
lion instead of tiger then it is counted as full error, now you may wondering who is fool enough to commit that mistake

so here is my answer

 if you miss a complete line and there is high probability you will miss, if some hot girl is sitting beside you

from chandigarh, then each word missed and mind you each word, not each alphabet, is counted as full error.

what is difference between word and key depression how is the conversion made

well for dest and cpt ssc assumes that 5 key depression is counted as 1 word and since test ask you for 2000 key depression that translates to 400 word
but as the passage will have spaces, some word small and some word large plus '.' ':' and other special character so normally total words are less than 400 but for testing passage is assumed to have 400 words and error of only 5% is allowed i.e. you are allowed to commit 20 full word mistake also called as full mistake.
two half mistake equals one full. So if you miss two full stops then you have made one mistake.
The killer will be to miss two lines so you have to very and I mean it so stating it again very careful not to miss lines at any cost.

Now speed

you have 400 words in 15 minutes to type on average so speed is 26.6 WPM but and one more but if your speed is 27wpm rest assured you will fail as you have not taken the time of distraction of that hot girl sitting beside you from chandigarh
(at least kkr and sr people are safe here, sorry to my friends from infosys)
plus time required to make correction, the time wasted in typing backspace to correct the error. So in my opinion safe speed will be 35+ on
if you are hitting this, dest/cpt module  will be cakewalk for you.

MY speed is lower what to do.

The not so sure method is to sit on net everyday make a bunch unknown chatty girl-friend(and mind it not girlfriends) and chat like mad monkey -spam like wild fire.
My advice is to go to pak defence forum and make there life a living hell till you are kicked out by some Indian mods.
The other way is to learn touch type free by using typing master pro and here you
the torrent link is provided for ready reference

if you use it and clear the test do buy there software from salary. 

If you are not serious type and need constant pressure on you to work and are in Delhi you can join coaching if you want.

Initially you will feel you are wasting your time but eventually you will feel it was worth the effort. I utilised my entire Diwali learning tough typing and because of that i am not afraid to type this big crap on my own  in single go although I cannot match the capacity size and intellectual level of shri Raghupati Sir while writing.
Man if I could come up with writings like his, cracking UPSC would have cakewalk. Coming back from my utopia.

Where you could fail

  • You panic during the test then you will perform less than your standard.
  • You miss the entire line.
  • You have not practised and just went on to give the test without preparing.

After you learn typing where to practice

Go to hindu website, take  any artical copy some 400 words and try to type them on microsoft words when you finish in 13 minutes note down the key depression including space and words.

Keep on improving there on.

Buy a keyboard go for 200-400 Rs one. Donít go for super expensive as those type will not there in lab of school/ college.
One thing really got on my nerves was that my system's keyboard at one of the colleges in Kormangla in so called silicon velley of India had a very small 'backspace key' and instead of pressing it, I was pressing '=' which wasted a lot my time initially and I wasted 3 mintes to adjust even after starting of test.

For CPT the test will mainly have alphabets with minimal or nil number but dest is a bit difficult and may have high number of numeral and special characters, I am saying, may have, and not will have.

I will cover about module II and III in my next article as this one has gone above 1147 words.
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