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tips to cheat in exams
« on: November 02, 2008, 11:09:05 pm »
The amount of time you spend trying to cheat, and the risk you take in doing so usually outweighs the amount of time and energy needed to actually study and learn the material.So dont think yhat cheaters dont do hardwork,

Know the teacher. Some teachers are cheat-able and some are not. Note: if the teacher still talks about the time s/he caught someone cheating three years ago, s/he's cheat-able!

Cheating dumb teachers is easy and cheating smart teachers is fun, but the greatest satisfaction comes from cheating dumb teachers who think they're smart.

DO NOT LOOK AT THE TEACHER/PROCTOR! This is a mistake that many cheaters make. Just play it cool and don't look at the teacher. Period. You wouldn't normally be looking at the teacher, and it makes teachers suspicious.

Rubber Band Method

This is best for formula etc., and is done quite simply.

   1. Take a wide rubber band, stretch it out really widely and place books inside to keep it from getting small again.
   2. Write your notes/cheats on the stretched out rubber with a black ballpoint pen, making sure to write your letters as close as possible, while it's stretched out.
   3. Let it return to its original size, and the notes will just look like black boxes, not cheats.
   4. Wear the rubber band as a bracelet to your test, and when you need the answers, just stretch the rubber band out, and when done, let it snap back.

calculator method
rub the back of calculator with wax(candle wax) and then write on it with pencil or any sharp object the masala is ready . Just go to exam see the cheat and them just rub your hand over it , all vanishes.
it is also good for others as when you tilt it to your friends it reflects and your friend can see it far a distance but others cant do.


This usually only works with small notes, and if you are an athlete (football, skateboarding) this works even better.

   Get the biggest Band-Aid you can.

   1. Write the some notes on the cloth-like part of the band-aid. Red (blood), brown (dried blood), or yellow/green (pus) works best, but you could really use any color.
   2. Put it on your elbow or knee.
   3. Scratch the Band-Aid as if it itches when test time comes. Then, act like you're going to fix your band-aid.
   4. Pretend you're looking at the wound, but don't pull it completely off (you don't have a wound!).
   5. Look at the answers.

The Invisible Ink:
 (suggested for people who know that they will be taking their exams in their own classroom): Using security ink that shows up under UV light, write your cheats on the wall before the exam starts (make sure that the wall that you'll be writing on has a small column near it and is discreet, for example below desk level). When you get stuck, focus a UV torch on the invisible ink, and your answer is revealed. Your friends could also bring torches to view the same answers (but ensure you don't tell anyone who is likely to snitch on you if they are caught).

The all-knowing TI-82

This method only works for classes in which a calculator is needed to do some of the math. Make sure to borrow a friends TI-82, or some other nice expensive graphing calculator if you don't own one. With this little gadget you can type in formulas, notes, even examples with step-by-step instructions. If you think you'll get caught, don't worry you won't. This method is fool-proof. Your teacher may know about possible cheating like this, but refuse to let him reset your calculator. This would erase all the contents of the calculator, instead argue that you have your life's work stored in it, and that it contains the launch codes for the US nuclear arsenal (Just make up something good).

If You're Caught

o Deny, Deny, Deny: Never admit cheating --- ever! Invent a plausible story. If you stick to your story, say it enough times with enough conviction and emotion, they'll start to doubt themselves. Once they doubt, their conscience will bother them: after all, what if they're making a mistake when a mistake could ruin someone's life?
o Badger: Go to their office to plead your case and don't take no for an answer --- don't leave their office until they give in. Most people won't call the police on you, so keep saying you're going to leave but don't leave. Eventually, most profs get frustrated and figure it's not worth the effort.
o Squeaky Wheel: if you raise a big enough stink far enough up the line, they'll cave in because it's not worth the trouble. And if they don't, their boss or their boss's boss will.
o Ignorance: If possible, say you didn't know it was wrong.
o Remorse: if the evidence is really against you, cry uncontrollably. Sob about how one small mistake will ruin your whole life and your family's lives.
o Not on the Syllabus: argue that since it wasn't specifically prohibited on the syllabus, it wasn't prohibited.

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tips to cheat in exams
« Reply #1 on: November 25, 2008, 11:11:29 pm »
  :xd: nice..

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tips to cheat in exams
« Reply #2 on: December 08, 2009, 03:56:13 pm »
Durgesh Chauhan

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tips to cheat in exams
« Reply #3 on: January 18, 2010, 10:29:19 pm »
mst hai....
ThInK dIfFeReNt BeE DiFfErEnt bEe diFfErEnT iS WhT i M...........

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tips to cheat in exams
« Reply #4 on: January 18, 2010, 11:17:29 pm »
invisible ink........i hav tried that when i was in 11th for my chemistry end term........................i was able to stole an extra sheet ....before the final exam..............then wrote all the notes on it with an invisible ink.......then using that UV light i cheated very well......and i passed....... :xd:
i always hav d pAssion fr fLaSHiN!!!!! :gunfr

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tips to cheat in exams
« Reply #5 on: January 02, 2011, 08:32:55 pm »
albert will surely


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tips to cheat in exams
« Reply #6 on: January 07, 2011, 11:25:04 pm »

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tips to cheat in exams
« Reply #7 on: February 20, 2012, 07:52:33 pm »
Nice  :clap1  :clap1  :clap1

But the old one ::::::::: fararey  :clap1 :clap1 is the best

:adore1 :adore1 ZERO COPY :adore1 :adore1

Waise sab plans bekar ho jaat :frus e h if u sit on 1st bench :frus  :frus  :frus  :tabthr  :tabthr  :tabthr  :cT  :cT  :cT

^Maine kabhi bi itney smileys use ni kiye . This shows my frustration when i had to sit on 1st bench in end terms .  :??:
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