Author Topic: What is the best path to take to become a 3D printing expert?  (Read 893 times)

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The best way to start is to use an easy 3D modeling tool such as 123d, TinkerCAD or 3Dtin to start making things. You will encounter a lot of issues and practical problems while doing this and start to iterate. Communities such as Shapeways and i.materialise also provide great platforms for learning, become active there.

Subscribe to TCT magazine and buy and read the Wohlers Report. TCT is free, Wohlers is very expensive but well worth it. I write for both but they are nonetheless excellent.

Read every press release, blog post and academic paper that comes out on 3D printing. Remember that the term Additive Manufacturing is used in academic literature because it is the official term for the technologies. Nowadays there is much more noise and fewer signals but you should learn to be critical and determine the difference between "3D printed body part bull" and 3D printed bodypart actual research. 3d printing service delhi ncr mumbai pune india

Visit events such as Makerfaires and tradeshows such as Rapid, TCTLive and Euromold. People are very approachable at the tradeshows and you can learn an awful lot. At Euromold for example I had an impromptu one hour conversation with a head of R&D at an SLM manufacturer for example and spoke with about 30 people in depth on one day. This level of access and learning is not present in other industries. Typically these people are hype adverse and will give you huge reality checks. You can also see a lot of parts and machines. 

You can try start a blog to get your ideas out. I'd recommend specializing in one area so jewelry, personalized medicine, aircraft parts for example. That way it is easier to take a deep dive into one subject. So you could learn everything about all the jewelry designers, Envisiontech, Solidscape, the wax machines at 3D Systems, MSDS of all the relevant materials etc. It would be easier.

Working for Materialise is like getting a 3D printing MBA. Working for a local service bureau will also help.

Want it more than anyone else. Lots of people are looking in to learning about 3D printing but most don't spend any real time on it. If you put in 30 hours a week of solid learning for years you will know more. jewelry 3d printing prototyping gujarat india
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