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MUST READ : Techbits Rules UPDATED
« on: August 19, 2013, 10:30:07 pm »
All the members have to abide by these rules from now on.

If any member is seem to not follow the rules, after two warnings, he would be banned for 1 day/permanent ban depending on the condition.

1. Posting in the wrong place
This is a forum, so you have to maintain the decorum, and place your query in the right post so as to receive helpful replies. Posting in the wrong section, dual-posting for gaining attention is not right.

Of course, we understand that you might have some problem and hit submit button twice accidentally, in that case, one of the topic/post would be deleted. If somehow, one of them received helpful replies, other would be deleted, or in case both topics have replies they would be merged.

As the case may be.

2. Post Count Farming
Many people try to illeagaly increase their post count by posting useless stuff, considered as Spam.
Post Count farming would not be tollerated. We are not saying, that you have to restrict posting or something, but your replies should be genuine.

3. Respect
We are students like you, helping others, this forum is full of Seniors, who deserve respect.
Respect everyone, whether Alumni, Mod, Admin, or any other staff.
Respect even other memebers.

4. Vulgarities and other offensive stuff
Any Vulgar material, pornographic content, extreme voilence would not be tollerated at any cost and would fetch you a ban straight away without any further notice.

If two or more people found fighting on the forum, and ignoring warnings, they would be banned straight away after two warnings.

5. Posting in older topics
Posting in older topics, clutters up the board and no one would actually like to see a useless ( it can be) topic of an year ago.

6. Freedom of Speech (if random talks remains)

Seeing the recent contributions, and the strong desire of some of the newbies to chat and discuss about anything, We have added a topic “Random Talks” , post count and point count on this topic would not increase, and you are free to discuss anything but all other rules apply here.

7. Advertising
Any advertising on the forum would be deleted immediately, with a warning to the member. Any advertisement with which you are affiliated in any way is not to be posted here.
To share your social contents like Fb Ids, blogs etc, you can send PMs, or add them in your signature. Promoting anything through Post would fetch you a ban.

8. SMS Language, CAPS and other stuff
Don't use SMS Language on the forum, although both Hindi and English can be used, try to use English most of the time.
You have to understand that this is a forum, and to maintain it's decorum, don't post things with CAPS, it seems like you are shouting, and it doesn't look good at all.
We are not saying that don't write in CAPS at all, you can highlight some important point by CAPS, but not the whole post.

9. Clean forum is your Responsibility

Only you are responsible for making Techbits better and an interactive community. Don't highlight the contents unnecessarily by CAPS or using font size/color.
You can highlight whenever required, but do not  highlight the whole post.
The no. Of smileys used in a single post must not be more than 2.

10. Report ! Report ! Report !!
We, as staff respect memebers, and expect respect from you as well, and if any one not obeying rules, you don't have to say anything , but just PM any MOD/UNI-MOD/CO-ADMIN/ADMIN.
Or just report any useless post, it would really help us to keep the forum clean.

11. Rule's are never complete as we say
These Rules are not all inclusive, and can be changed/updated , as or when required. A member after giving two warnings (for not obeying any of the rules) would be banned for one day, or permanent ban, as the case may be.

- Regards
Team Techbits
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Re: MUST READ : Techbits Rules UPDATED
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