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Tips and Tricks / Which industry will benefit most from 3D printing?
« Last post by 3dtech on January 20, 2018, 11:10:16 am »
significantly benefiting from 3D printing:

    Aerospace: 3D printing is allowing for richer mechanisms to be built more simply without the need for welding that can be significantly lighter than existing approaches.

    Automotive: Similar to aerospace but the scale is different. Imagine if there is no long production lines but simply frames etc that come out the other end. how is 3d printing used in the automotive industry
    Biomedical: For things like prosthetics and orthotics where almost every object needs to be built based on individual needs, this will significantly reduce the turnaround time. Imagine every dentist having a 3D printer in their office for making orthotics, and every individual joint replacement being designed for that patient's needs. 3d printing in biomedical applications

    Design of all kinds: Whether it is architects constructing 3D models, industrial designers trying to get a "feel" for what an object looks like, the thinning of the barrier between bits and atoms is getting thinner.  3dprinting service in mumbai vadodara delhi nce india
Electronic field:

Printing metal in midair. 3D Printing and Laser Annealing of conductive metallic inks. This new method is opening up near limitless new potential applications in electronic and biomedical devices that rely on customized metallic architectures. 3d printing electronic components

The application of 3D printing is prevalent in the medical sector widely. Personalized prothetics, hearing aids, patient specific dentures are manufactured directly using 3D printing. 3D printed surgical guides are assisting surgeons to perform precise operations. Bio-printing technology is being used for imaging skin, tissue, bones and even human organs.

The aerospace and aviation sector was one of the first adopters of 3D printing technologies in product development and prototyping.

Many automotive companies are now considering the potential of 3D printing in achieving after sales functions concerning the production of replacement spare parts, on demand, instead of holding huge inventories.

3D printing in sync with 3D scanning and 3D modeling, has helped artists, architectures and sculptors to explore and reproduce exact replicas of an idea or structure of historical importance. Some visionary architects are conducting research on 3D printing as a direct construction method. Fashion industry is also indebted to the 3D printing technologyas they are being able to experiment and research newer trends in jewelries, shoes, hats, headpieces, and bags.
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Techbits Corner / Re: impact of new mods
« Last post by Terryandy on January 19, 2018, 04:35:47 pm »
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General Talk / Where can I find top packers & movers in India?
« Last post by gujaratpackers on January 19, 2018, 03:13:14 pm »
We are not just a booking platform, we are creating a new market place by connecting Packers and Movers with People who require their services through our online platform, making the whole process simple, reliable, transparent and as simple and easy as booking a ticket. It is a tool to PLAN, COMPARE and BOOK your move Online Instantly.  packers and movers vadodara

Our unique features:

    Great UI/UX to pick inventory and get precise quotes from multiple Packers and Movers in Hyderabad.
    Best Quotes from our Trusted and Reliable Packers and Movers within 24 hours.
    Guaranteed Prices - What you see is what you Pay. No hidden Charges.
    On Time Arrival - We are the first and only platform to provide On Time Arrival on the move day.
    Superior Customer Experience through our Move Marshals - who understands the needs of each individual customer, live co-ordinates with the vendors and customers on move day to make sure of no last minute surprises.
    Smart Alerts - Our intelligent system to track and keep you updated on the status of your move right from booking until you get settled at your new place.
    24x7 Customer Support - No bots! Real humans 24x7 at your service.
    Today in this centered globe, people attempt to find occupation that would stay them before every one of contention & oftentimes decision business at another choice from the one immediately based. The individual who is progressive packers and mover knows the bother and torment integrated in packing moving approach. We suppose each of the technique that requests to be taken after to guarantee a protected and secure advance of the task. For our customers it is as straight as giving a call. local packers and movers vadodara

ou will be amazed to know that there are many agencies which run as an individual and have no registration or valid entity to conduct a business. And hence, you got to be a little cautious when dealing with a movers and packers company.
But itís not that difficult and hereís what you can do to filter out the best possible movers and packers in India and Howrah for interstate or local home shifting needs.
First of all, try to find movers from references of friends or colleagues.
So if you want you to need packers and movers in others part of India you can visit at Packers and Movers vapi to hire them in vapi gujarat.

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General Talk / How do professional packers and movers help?
« Last post by packers on January 19, 2018, 03:05:34 pm »

If you are using packers and movers for your move, it will save you a lot of time - and time is money - right?  I cannot tell you how many people intend on packing themselves only to call their moving company a few nights ( or the night before ) only to ask for help.  For an average 2 bedroom condo, it should take 2 professional movers approximately 5 hours MAX to pack up.  If you haven't hired professional movers and packers before, you may thing I am exaggerating.  The truth is, movers are trained to come in a swiftly and carefully pack - they are not there to reorganize and they don't have emotional bonds with any of the pieces they are packing.  I always tell people to hire a moving company than move an pack for these reasons: packers and movers vadodara

1. It will save you a bundle of time.

2.  Movers and Packers will only cover ( as in insurance ) what they pack.  For example, if you pack your own waterford crystal - they will not cover it.  It's in the bill of lading.

3.  High Quality Materials - If you hire one of the best choice movers and packers they will have access to high quality materials - bubble wrap, packing paper, boxes, pads that cost the average person a fortune.  Home Depot boxes will do for books and linens but for lamps, TVs, pictures, china - heavy duty boxes are suggested. local movers and packers in vadodara

Other really important things to know about packers and movers:

1. Van lines charge per box packed, private companies will charge labor plus materials ( with a huge discount ).  You don't want a van line packing your boxes - they have been known to put four towels in a 4.5 linen box in 3 minutes and they charge approximately $30/linen box!  Private movers and packers charge about $3/box and labor at $40/hour. Also, there are a lot of private movers that have free packing material delivery so you can get the easy stuff done on  your own.  Seek them.

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General Talk / 3D Printing Industry Overview
« Last post by 3dtech on January 19, 2018, 12:35:34 pm »
What is 3d printing?

While the term is broad, 3D printing generally means methods for constructing objects using additive technologies under computer control. This includes laser hardened resins, plastic extrusion, and other more exotic deposition technologies. It does not include milling machines and other CNC mechanisms as these remove material instead of adding it. It does not include carpentry or brick laying since these are not under computer control (though there is a 3D brick laying robot). 3d printing service mumbai  delhi vadodara india

Technology Types

Much like the early days of the automobile, there are many incompatible designs of 3D printers with hundreds of small companies jockeying for position. Still, we can break them down into just a few basic types: extrusion, fluid hardening, and exotic.

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)


So where do these two advantages help?

Custom: If you want something that no one else makes, or that no one else makes exactly how you want it, then custom printing is a win.

    Set and costume designers for TV & Film. If I need to build new phasers for my troop of five Klingons, a 3D printer is the tool to use.
    Architectural models
    Doll furniture
    Monogrammed / engraved items.

Locality: If the factory is far away in space or time then 3D printing your own item, even if physically inferior, is still a win. ex:

    An aircraft carrier canít carry parts for everything that could possibly break on such a large vessel. 3D printers solve that problem for things like gaskets and smaller plastic objects.

Future Developments

The 3D printing market is growing and changing rapidly. According to IDC: "The 3D printing market is set to emerge from niche to mainstream. The market will see tremendous unit and revenue growth from 2012 to 2017, with compound annual growth rates of 29 percent and 59 percent, respectivelyĒ. I think that is a bit optimistic, but clearly there is a lot of potential.


    Polylactic Acid: a plastic made from bio materials like corn starch. Easy to recycle. Melts at a low temp. Can be printed without a heated bed. Easy to work with. Somewhat brittle. The most common first material for a 3D printer. No toxic fumes. Cannot go in a dishwasher. Comes in many colors.

    Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene. The plastic Lego is made of. Stronger and more pliable than PLA. Melts at a higher temp. Can go in a dishwasher. Needs a heated bed. The most common second material for a 3D printer. Few toxic fumes. Comes in many colors.
    The plastic disposable water bottles are made of. These bottles can actually be recycled into new filament. Transparent. Generally safe for home use with ventilation.
    Water soluble plastic. Used for dissolvable support structures.

PC - Polycarbonate : The plastic CDs and reusable water bottles are made. Impact and temp resistant. Melts at higher temp. May make more fumes.

new arrivals another materials

TitanX : ade, high-performance and FFF/FDM-optimized ABS based engineering filament. TitanX is the evolution of ABS into a warp-free filament with unsurpassed mechanical properties and is extremely suitable for 3D printing large scale and high precision engineering objects.

ApolloX Material : ApolloX is a professional high-performance engineering filament, which is based on an uniquely industrial-grade modified ASA (Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate) compound.

PC - Plus  : Parts made with Polymaker PC show significantly improved mechanical strength compared to ABS and PLA under almost any deformation mode. Polymaker PC Plus shows good optical clarity, rendering parts with an attractive crystal shine!Polymaker PC offers outstanding fracture toughness that is simply unobtainable from other 3D printing materials of similar stiffness.

PCTPE :  PCTPE stands for "Plasticized Copolyamide TPE" or a substance co-polymer of very adaptable nylon and TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) . PCTPE has several unique features that allow any user to print a highly flexible part with the added durability of our nylon polymers.
Engineering entrance / Re: The Battle Over Imvu Credits and How to Win It
« Last post by deannawilliam on January 19, 2018, 11:54:05 am »
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4th semester / Re: EBOOKS
« Last post by Poorva Aggarwal on January 18, 2018, 10:09:57 pm »
Please upload ebook for Op amps and linear integrated circuits by Ramakant A Gayakwad
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