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Help Desk / Re: Remaining backs after B.Tech 8th semester
« Last post by Mr.360 on June 27, 2017, 10:11:15 pm »

How do I know which subjects are mandatory?
It is written on syllabus with "M"
Help Desk / Re: Remaining backs after B.Tech 8th semester
« Last post by avikk on June 27, 2017, 08:29:02 pm »
You cannot drop mandatory subjects

How do I know which subjects are mandatory?
CET Rank: 198 Course: B.ED. Category:Delhi General. Please help me in choosing college
NEWS / Can someone 3D print a diamond?
« Last post by 3dtech on June 27, 2017, 05:34:21 pm »
Diamonds are a controversial stone. They’re beautiful, and, for many people, a status symbol, but the diamond industry is tainted by the issue of conflict diamonds, or blood diamonds, which are diamonds mined in war-torn zones and sold to finance armed combat. Progress has been made in reducing the conflict diamond trade, but it’s still an issue that means shopping for a diamond requires some extra research to avoid inadvertently funding civil war. 3d printing service delhi ncr chhattisgarh jharkhand Uttar Pradesh india

That polymer is deposited in layers, alternating with layers of a ceramic powder, by the printer in a predetermined shape. The deposited shape is then heated to temperatures over 100 degrees in an inert atmosphere to cause pyrolysis, a physical and chemical change that happens when an organic material is heated without the presence of oxygen. In this case, the heat causes the poly(hydridocarbyne) to crystallize into a diamond. Any excess ceramic powder is then removed.

That’s one proposal. The patent application also discusses the use of other pre-ceramic polymers; another proposal involves the use of nanodiamond powder.

As it’s still just a patent application, there’s no telling when – or if – Lockheed Martin’s 3D diamond printer will become a reality. Lockheed’s intention is to be able to 3D print diamond drill heads with complex geometries, as well as super-strong, lightweight saws, knives and armor, but in theory, such a printer could be used to print diamond jewelry. The proposed printer can print diamonds in any shape, which could result in a whole new market of intricate, complex diamond jewelry or other items. I expect that the cost of a diamond printer will be pretty astronomical, at least at first – but if jewelers invest in them, it’ll be interesting to see how the cost of a 3D printed diamond ring might compare to a traditional one.

One can only speculate how 3D printed diamond jewelry might catch on. It’s unlikely that people will actually be printing diamonds from the comfort of their own homes, at least not anytime soon, but as with other forms of 3D printed jewelry gujarat india , most of the appeal lies in the possibility for customization. You’re going to have a tough time finding a jeweler willing or able to chisel a diamond into the shape of your fiancée’s favorite flower, but with a 3D printer, there’s a lot more potential for unique custom designs.
Hey, i got 5829 rank in IPUCET 2017 code-131 and i am interested in CSE/IT. Any chance in MAIT or MSIT?
The size, price, processing power had all changed from the early days of computing.

The same confluence of activity would have to take place for 3D printing to take off. Here's my list of top 3 most important things: 3d printing service anand orissa chhattisgarh telangana india

1) Price: price would have to be somewhere in people's grasp. This could be price of a machine for desktop, or price of print/material cost for industrial machine.

2) Quality: materials that are food safe, wearable, accurate prints. Take an inventory of the stuff on your desk or around the room, the amount of qualifications for these materials are by and large not yet met. For example, on my desk I have things like a mug and a wind up brain toy. The mug has to be foodsafe, the wind up brain has to combine different materials and the parts have to fit tightly so tolerances can't be off. This is directly related to what applications additive manufacturing can/can't be used for.

3) Content (here let's look at some manufacturing vs. software examples): the last piece is what VisiCalc provided for personal computing. Content must be relatable, and easy to use. I'll break that down into two examples. First, relatability. Before VisiCalc, people in universities used these computing machines for crunching large sets of data. That is simply not something that "normals" care about. However, people do care about budgeting. This is something many people do in business as well as in their households, hence VisiCalc was a breakthrough application because it was relatable. The second piece is ease of use. For this I often use Photoshop vs. Instagram as an analogy. Photoshop's tools are pretty self explanatory but give me Photoshop and I will give you a blank JPG, or a crudely drawn smiley face. Instagram however, I can take a picture of garbage, apply a filter and call it "art." Note, clearly Photoshop serves an important purpose but it is the wrong type of tool to look at when thinking about "mass adoption" (it's more useful as a wide industry adoption case study).

All things we kept in mind while designing and launching my startup, Mixee Me: design your own 3d printed figurine!  jewelry 3d printing gujarat india
Help Desk / Re: Remaining backs after B.Tech 8th semester
« Last post by anki94 on June 25, 2017, 01:43:26 pm »
You cannot drop mandatory subjects

What about IT at MSIT also can I get CSE in MSIT in spot round???
IT at MSIT stopped at around 7k last year in sliding round so it will be difficult to get at that rank but anything can happen in spot round , the only question remains is whether the spot round will take place or not.
CSE at BPIT will be difficult with that rank but you have good chances of getting IT at BPIT/GTBIT. Other than that  you can get all branches in NIEC, ASET, JIMS, DTC and HMR.

What about IT at MSIT also can I get CSE in MSIT in spot round???
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