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Why 3D Printing: How 3D Printing will Change the World
« on: September 05, 2017, 12:37:58 pm »
3D printing industry: 3d printing art

The uses of 3D printing are endless. From doctors and dentists to architects, from students to designers, from manufacturing to small business.
From the start in the ’70s/’80s, when only big companies and industries could afford a 3D printer, things are changed a lot: nowadays the 3D printing market is bursting with new products that offer slightly different opportunities.

3d printing jewelry

From smaller detailed prototypes to finished products, this category as well is seeing in 3D printing a totally new way of creating. Necklaces and bracelet can be of many colours and shapes.
In this field high-quality and precision is fundamental and the technology is developing itself in order to cope with the request. Today’s 3D printers are able to lower the error up to 30 microns and to reproduce smooth surfaces. SLA, in particular, should be preferred for smaller objects and to avoid layers to decrease quality. The 3D printed jewellery is a combination of technology with a very old manufacturing field: this objects won’t overtake the jewels everybody is used to know but will add another way of creating as well and prototyping.
Best choice: Stereolithography(SLA)

DENTAL, MEDICAL & CO. - 3d printing medical equipment
These important areas can really change their way of working thanks to 3D printing. Times between first model and finished product are decreasing, precision is increasing. Doctors and Surgeons are now able to test their methods and to even transplant smaller pieces (not with desktop printers). Dentists as well can try to reproduce from scanned parts the body of a patient and know with addicted details what it is needed.  3d printing service chandigarth,kochi,bhopal,visakhapatnam,Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Uttarakhand , Uttar Pradesh, Haryana india


From samples and tests to small parts that can be replaced, a 3D printer can be of great help for small businesses. 3D printing technology that allows to generate real objects from 3D drawings: this means that handling projects and feeling them is just one of the choices. Small business can reproduce spare parts for their products, even big companies can 3D print mechanical components to replace the original ones or to develop a valid alternative.
Best choice: [img=]http://Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)[/img]

advantages of 3d printing in education

It is important that even youngest can learn about creating and rapid prototyping, so that they become more aware of what production means. Having real objects printed, also, can get the children to better understand what they are studying. 3D printing can be of great use for higher level students as well: from high-school technology-focused to Colleges’, they can use a 3D printer to reproduce models and designs.

ARCHITECTURE : benefits of 3d printing in architecture
As said, the FABtotum has been invented from two (at that time) wannabe architects who needed an helping tool. Reproducing buildings as well as landscapes without working hard with hands or asking to third parties is a great step forward. 3D printing can help when:

    creating a new building in order to see how it would fit in the mentioned area;
    restoring an existing one and seeing exactly where and how to act;
    reproduce places and/or building from the past or present to show them (think of museums’ reproductions).
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