Author Topic: What can 3D printing do for product design and development?  (Read 1581 times)

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3D printing materials are strong enough and possess the required strength against loads, which helps in conducting real-world test cases. This model lets designers prototype earlier and more often in the design cycle and identify key changes that need to be made.

3D printed parts are useful in cooperating between the manufacturers and suppliers. After seeing and handling the 3D printed version of the product, marketing and sales will be better prepared to support it when it is released. Sharing the printed model with manufacturing and supply chains will help determine if the product can be carefully manufactured and identify possible issues that may arise during manufacturing. Using 3d printed data manufacturers and suppliers can predict the end product with cost estimation with highly 3d printed customized product designs.

In earlier days, we had to go with the conventional Manufacturing Process to get the Physical Model of a designed component. The main problem with these was, the time required to complete certain actions… such as, Design… Analysis… and Development. 3d printing service andhra pradesh jharkhand mumbai pune india -vexma technologies

By the help of 3D Printing which is also called as Rapid Prototyping… it is possible to get the 3D Model of the Product within few minute… where as it took days and months in earlier days.

One of the major advantage of 3D Printing is that it is possible to Print/Produce any complex geometry within few minutes and allow us to see and validate the Looks, Shape and size of the Modeled Geometry/Product.

3D Printing is not only used for the Prototyping of the products… its also used as it is in various fields by the help of appropriate Model material…
3D Printing is used in:

    3d printed Medical Applications: Replacement of Damaged Bones with that of 3D Printed ones.

    Food and supplies: Cakes with attractive shapes and geometry can be made by this approach.

  Consumer Products: Various consumer products that are usually Injection Molded, Extruded, And Milled Ones.

    Automobile Industry: Durable and high strength Model Materials such as nylon and carbon fibre

    3d printed Architectural model : floor plan,interior design

   3d printed fashion & jewelry : 3D Printed ornaments.

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