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3D printing material? How SLA can fit all your application?
« on: September 06, 2017, 11:10:38 am »
The beauty of SLA printing is there is a plastic resin to compliment all your application needs.

The Process

You may be thinking what is Stereolithography (SLA)? How does it differ from other 3D printing technology?  The answer lies with its unique process that uses photopolymerization. Photo… what? Essentially, by casting a UV light on a photopolymer resin it causes it to solidify together which then creates your part. This allows you to print parts with high resolution at the pin point accuracy of a laser. 3d printing service in chennai,bengaluru,kolkata,lucknow,kanpur india

Benefits of SLA

The main benefit with SLA printers is the ability to create complex parts without compromising the quality. Other extrusion 3D printing methods can be difficult to finish due to the visible layer stacking it creates. SLA is great for mocking up prototypes quickly and accurately with a range of materials that suits your project needs. Whether you want it to be sturdy and rigid, flexible and durable or a balance each, SLA printing is versatile enough to tackle almost anything.  rapid prototyping in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu india

Choosing the best SLA material for you

When it comes to choosing the right SLA material to print with it is best to understand what qualities you want your project to have. Here is a breakdown of three common SLA materials:

HD Mechanical - spot S-Pro- SLA resin

investment castable resin(IC) - 3D Printing Materials for Jewelry

flexible sla resin - HD Elastic

Snow White Resin - HD white

durable tough resin - HD strong

Applications and benefits of SLA  3D printing

users for specific applications, where high level of details and top quality finish are required. For example:


Jewelers need high precision 3D printers to create molds to use the lost wax technique and create incredible jewels. Visit our page to learn more about the use of 3D printing for the jewelry industry.


Dentists and dental labs are starting to use resin 3D printing to build dental crowns, mouth guards, surgical guides and much more. If you are curious, you can read our page about the applications of 3D printing and 3D scanning for the dental industry.

    Medical and healthcare

SLA and DLP 3D printing can be used to create medical appliances. Discover more on our 3D printing for the medical industry page.
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