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Learning Full Stack Web Development with Nodejs.
New Delhi
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I'm a web developer and I'm not  full stack now as it will take a long time to become a full stack developer. But I'm on the way of full stack development. I'm riding with Nodejs and learned lot things. Some of which include AngularJs, Bootstrap, SASS, JavaScript, MYSQL, NodeJs and much more. I'm heavily relying on web tools like Package Manager (NPM, Bower), Coffee Script for Javascript, Build Tools (GULP, Grunt), Scaffolding Tools (Yeoman), Version Control (Git, Github) and more tools also. I'm also an open source enthusiastic and love to contribute to open source. Most Often I use open-source tools for my work. There are some other files where I have an interest too, which includes Android App development, IoT, Finance.

I'm also mentoring at and help students in learning the process. Yes, I'm from IPU and I'm one of you.