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Engineering entrance / Re: GGSIPU CET 2013-14 : Ask Your Queries Here
« on: October 14, 2013, 12:21:33 am »
sir,i think in case of du is nowhere because one cannot appear for gate after completing from du...
One can Appear for each and every exam that he will be eligible to give in according to his/her respective engineering stream.There is no such criteria that stops a person pursuing a Btech Degree from DU , that he cant give such exams. So dont worry :)

Engineering entrance / Re: GGSIPU CET 2013-14 : Ask Your Queries Here
« on: October 14, 2013, 12:17:47 am »
I think DU electronics is much better then NIEC civil if its in on campus colleges.
however DU is a centralized univ thus all colleges gives equivalent degrees and there is no rankings of DU colleges available but still condition of some off campus colleges is pathetic in terms of infra, discipline and academics.
DU doesn't need IIT permissions. IIT started many years after the establishment of DU (1922). but it will talk to them to consider its students for before the first batch will passout. they dont need to talk right now.
Hardly anyone below 90% (that too in PCM) get a chance to do electronics from DU. whole India knows DU and in every wordls university rankings DU comes in 7th place among indian univ. after 6 IIT's (read TOI education times of 18th sept.)
U r eligible for GATE after B.TECH. degree.
previously DCE and NSIT comes under faculty of technology, delhi university and gives DU degrees. however its the first time DU is offering in other colleges, but U will get same DU degree.
for placements DU has CPC, though not very good companies come for placements in CPC but on campus colleges have awsome placements. every year I read in newspapers that SRCC guys are easily placed for 8-12 lakhs just after graduation.

Exactly what i would have quoted , DU will be preferred over NIEC in terms of Electronics , and Civil too if it had it too.
And about the the part said above that DU Electronics Guys will end up in software sector , i would like to say that , most Electronic Engg. do end up in Software Sector in India, how did you estimated that most of the DU guys will end up in Software sector?

And for the Records , A Bsc Student just got placed in a reputable Company with a 6+ package. And Its Obvious that Btech is generally credited higher than a Bsc degree. So what is it that will be obstructing a DU Btechian to grab better Opportunities. There are about 3 Companies Recruiting up every day on an average in our college during the Placement Seasons , So there are much opportunities than NIEC according to my assumptions.Although i would like to quote that this pattern does varies college to college inside the University.
But Still i would like to favour DU over NIEC.

Engineering entrance / Re: All Queries regarding DU Btech course
« on: September 22, 2013, 05:12:58 pm »

I too would like to get an answer to this. :|

When i contacted the appropriate authorities , they asked me - Why will you not be eligible to take up Mtech?
Every DU student will be able to sit for Any Professional courses after doing Btech successfully. About the IITs/ NITs issue:

"IITs are saying they haven't even been approached on this by DU and that, finally, their senate will have to take a call. "

"The senate will have to consider this but that will take some time. Before that, the university will have to decide what it's going to do with its master's," the official said. He added that eventually they may accept DU's BTech courses.

From the above two quotes what we conclude that is : DU hasnt approached these Institutions yet , and the important: 'These institutions are not kind of banning these students , they are just saying that the university hasnt yet approached us and they will be allowing students to sit for Mtech'.

Source : Article of Times of India

Feel free to ask more Queries  ^_^

Engineering entrance / Re: All Queries regarding DU Btech course
« on: September 22, 2013, 05:01:07 pm »
The first question that may come into minds of some students is regarding placements of DU Btech . It should be mentioned here that this course is started in 2013 and only after the 1st batch is able to get placed , we will be able to represent the correct representations of Placement data.

Till then , the fact i can state that is , the placements will be good enough keeping in mind that DU is a renowned university and one of the oldest one too ( equals a good reputation) . And it too depends upon the College you are studying. Because Some colleges have their own Placement related Cells and Societies too that might increase the placements of students.

At the End i would like to state one of my personal opinion that Placement is not the Sole Criteria to determine a College status, coz you will be able to land a job in good companies if you develop excellent skills while in College.

Feel free to ask queries  ;-)

Engineering entrance / All Queries regarding DU Btech course
« on: September 22, 2013, 04:46:20 pm »
After DU launched its Btech degree this year , There has been a lot of talks about its Value and Placements etc , resulting into a huge amount of mis-conceptions (which were truly unintentional) by some of the people. This Topic is meant to ask and resolve those queries so that other students might not face dilemma about choosing what is best for their Future.

You are free to ask any type of questions and queries regarding this topic here  :-)

About me : Currently studying Btech @ SSCBS DU  ^_^

Request Zone / Re: Doubts Regarding B.Tech From DU
« on: September 22, 2013, 04:07:18 pm »
I too have read in newspaper that DU's btech isnt engineering...

Should i open a new thread about this topic , coz there are many mis-guidance and mis-conceptions about this topic. And bro , its fully engg. Feel free to Ask any ques about it if you want  ^_^

Request Zone / Re: Doubts Regarding B.Tech From DU
« on: September 22, 2013, 03:56:17 pm »

You can getinfo on new 4 four course in DU at the various seminars/meetups being organised by DU authorities regularly.
I don't think anyone is so much aware here.

You can't compare B.Tech of DU and IPU.They are completely different.The B.Tech in DU "is not engineering"[\b].Please keep this in mind.Just the name of the degree is B.Tech (which would depend on technology related subjects).

Whereas the one we study in IPU is Engineering and the name of the degree which we will get is B.Tech.
Formerly,engineering students used to get B.E. degree (Bachelor in Engineering).

There's regrading technicality, in IPU >>> B.Tech in DU.
That means B.Tech from IPU has much more value if you really wanna compare at any level.
Otherwise,I would say no comparison is possible.

I would like to quote that statement of Yours that DU btech isnt an Engg. degree ( or you meant to say that keval naam ki hai) . How would you know that? 8-) And please tell me the sources from whom you got that INFO. 8-)

P.S: If you dont know the full info about something ,please dont guide {or i will say MISGUIDE} others. Neem Hakim Khatraye Jaan

Help Desk / Re: English Hons. From Open (sol DU) With Engineering
« on: July 18, 2013, 04:54:19 pm »
Actually, I have already got all my documents few months back, as I am would be stepping into 2nd year in August.
I want to know, if DU and DTU would let me do that or not.

Ab isme hum kya btayen??  :O)  :-P

Engineering entrance / Re: DU BTech or IP BTech?
« on: July 18, 2013, 04:54:10 pm »
I myself had made my mind to go to IP before I got to know about the syllabus from someone who's done with BTech IT (I gave him the syllabus of both of these). And I got the answer as "Had I been at your place, I'd have taken the risk since the syllabus and reputation of DU is more."

With syllabus, he meant the core subjects. Then I asked my friend and his dad also said that the DU is better.

I know that it'll all be upto me but the dilemma and tension is inevitable. Moreover, USIT is mere half an hour by bus and about 15 min by private vehicle whereas the DU college is 1.5 hr.   :((

Yes i too stand by tht reputation of DU is more but IPU main bhi USIT ki kafi reputation hai. Had you have been talking about HMR or some other i wud have recommended you to choose DU over it  :-P. Agar USIT mil rha hai to jao na yar. DU main Eco hons thodi mila hai SRCC se jo itna confuse ho.  L-)

Engineering entrance / Re: GGSIPU CET 2013-14 : Ask Your Queries Here
« on: July 17, 2013, 10:27:59 pm »
ip ki mbbs gai h neet me is saal...

Ohk , but was an entrance conducted for MBBS?

Engineering entrance / Re: GGSIPU CET 2013-14 : Ask Your Queries Here
« on: July 17, 2013, 10:27:01 pm »
19000 n 20000 me kya mil skta h.....

Bro pls mention your cateogary :-)

Engineering entrance / Re: GGSIPU CET 2013-14 : Ask Your Queries Here
« on: July 17, 2013, 10:26:37 pm »
AMITY NOIDA ki faculty kaisi h ? Vo funding krte h , if i wanna make some prject or something? i think i will have to go there cuz wit 20801 DOBC i will barely get mechanical in IP...

 :adore1 :adore1 :adore1 [size=78%]MECHANICAL[/size]

Mechanical Engg waise bhi IPU main Keval 1 hi college offer karta hai bro baki Mechatronics and Mechanical and Automation offer karte hain so instead of getting them u shud go for Mechanical Engg

Engineering entrance / Re: GGSIPU CET 2013-14 : Ask Your Queries Here
« on: July 17, 2013, 10:25:10 pm »
and mein sirf placemnt ki baat nahi kar raha ,.,..,mein sab kuch consider kar raha hu

Infra wise            DU avg colleges> IPU avg colleges
Location wise      DU avg colleges> IPU avg colleges
Placement            lets not talk abou that
Avg package        DU avg colleges=< IPU avg colleges (even considering BSc Hons) [considering only avg colleges]

what more perimeters do we need to categorize??
I mean to say that if DU offered normal B.Tech then it wud have stand out over the IPU colleges!!!

Help Desk / Re: English Hons. From Open (sol DU) With Engineering
« on: July 17, 2013, 10:20:13 pm »
I am Pursuing From DTU, 2nd year (this august), Can I Pursue English Hons. From Delhi University School of Open Learning?

Just wan't to explore different Possibilities..!

I dont think it is legally possible but even how can u? I mean to say that are your documents not reserved with the college officials that wud be required to produce in DU during admissions!!!

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