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Hey fella engineers often we find so many things that we don't use for long say we never used mini drafter again after our first semester but you know mini drafter cost us bucks. 8-)
So why not buy those things from our seniors and sell it to our juniors after our purpose is fulfilled. But you know we cannot do that by approaching our senior and junior at times. :-(

And also there are no medium to do that. Classified website like olx give option to sell old stuff within cities but we do not want to travel to a far place to sell our old stuff.

So what is the solution? Here is the solution so guys you can sell these things within your college and earn some good money at :-D

Edubuy is a service started by students to help the students.
We have initiated these service to help the seller to sell their products easily at good prices and for the buyers to conveniently get there desired product at their favorable budget.
So guys just post your ad and wait for the right buyer.
You all are welcome at  edubuy :cc

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