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plzzz suggest is niec better than dtc and jims for civil engineering? :why
And what about cbpgec

sir plzzz make preference sheet for eee as i am not aware about the colleges.My cet rank is 17900 and odgen category
thanks :-) 

sir plzzz suggest good colleges for electrical engineering in ipu? :why

At your rank you'll hardly get any seat in online round of counseling..
Choose Chbpgec civil ..if you want civil engineering.. It is best for civil

sir thanks for quick reply bit if i want to do electrical engineering whick college should i prefer?

sir plzzzz prepare preference sheet for 17907 odgen ,cet code-131
i prefer civil>cse>ece

bhai lika hoga humare time mein to tha brochure mein to balki achi baat hai na ki sab general treat honge..... mjhe khud msit spot mein mila tha i was odgen

can you plzz tell your ipu cet rank  :why

thanks for quick reply but sir is hmr good as i have to live in a pg.Sir do hmr has good crowd and studying atmosphere and what about the faculty?

thanks in advance

sir please guide me.I got 17907 in ipu cet btech and belong to odgen.Plzz tell which college can i expect or leave hope for ipu

plzzz tell what is the approximate rank to take admission in hmr institute for odgen

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