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How To Use Techbits Forum / MIGRATION
« on: December 19, 2012, 11:10:52 pm »
I m sorry
if there is a thread about the same topic
but pls ans it

i am in Maharaja Agarsen Institute Of Technology (MAIT)
EEE stream 1st year student
and i want to CSE or IT
i know that my prepration is not well
so there is very less chance for upgradation

so i want to know can i change college in 3rd sem
by taking some lower rank college
like MSIT or NIEC or BPIT

will MAIT will provide NOC
and what will happen if by chance i get back
after getting back than also can i change the college or not

pls help and tell is it is wise to change the college or not
although MAIT is top college but EEE placement is worse
i think it will better to do CSE or IT
from different college
please help about the same

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