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I had upgraded from HMR (CSE) to BPIT (ECE) in 2nd Counselling at my rank 10375 (DGEN).

What are the placement records of BPIT (ECE)? What are the career oppurtunies in ECE? How much different ECE is from CSE?

I got admission in HMR (CSE) in 1st counselling at my rank 10375 (DGEN).

What are the chances of upgradation in 2nd counselling at this rank 10375 (DGEN)?

My preference is CSE>ECE>IT. Please also tell me about the
placement of these brances in ip colleges in which my chances of
Do I need both copies of admission slip for 2nd counselling?

Extetended counselling announced for DGEN upto 11000 rank (phase 1 on 20.07.2012 and phase 2 on 27.07.2012)

My rank is 10375 (DGEN) and i am eligible now to attend 1st extended counselling. Now GTBIT and GPMCE is not in 1st counselling. Please tell me my preference sheet  for my rank (10375 DGEN). My choice CSE>ECE>IT.

will i get admission under ipu at my rank 10375 DGEN. My choise is CSE>ECE>IT. Please guide me I am very stressed.

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