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this wasn't your luck but u really deserved to be in, nobody really can recall every thing because of luck :)

Placements / Re: Infosys Mait Drive 2014 Experience
« on: March 27, 2014, 10:26:28 pm »

Infosys was the first company to visit MAIT for the placement of 2010-2014 batch. Everyone was excited and nervous at the same time as many people were going to have the very first interview experience of their life.

All hell broke loose when we were informed that for the very first time ever, infosys is going to conduct a technical interview.
Everyone was a little scared as we couldn't ask any senior for tips or hints as it was for the first time, and MAIT was the first college to be visited by infosys. Another shocking news broke out that the drive has been confirmed for 22-23 september. We had our internals till 20th september, n we were informed about the drive during our first exam :P
We were supposed to complete the online formalities on the Infosys site, fill up a form etc and take a printout. Students from all branches were allowed to sit provided that they had no active backlogs.

22nd September 2013- The Day of the Test

We were asked to report to the Main Audi at 8:30 sharp , dressed in neat formals with tie. The Audi was a happening place at 8 am which was a little strange and unusual to see. Many nerds had brought along various technical books with them, and were mugging up concepts of c++, dbms , java etc. I was like WTF, last minute studying of concepts??
Whereas me and my friends were all busy in mindless chatter, just to calm our nerves.
As usual MAIT wasn't punctual, and Kakkar Sir arrived at 9 am to silence the audi and gave us some quick words of advice. The Infosys team followed in shortly. They were greeted by us and then they gave a short presentation and speech describing their company, the policies and values they follow, package details, training at mysore, 1 year bond etc.

After that we were allotted batches, as for around 550 students, there were like just 200 computers, so we were divided into 3 shifts. I got allotted the very first shift. I was happy as no more nervous times, lets hit the floor

The test consisted of 2 sections, No technical questions were there.



As advised by seniors here on techbits, I had practiced sample papers on the internet so I knew that Speed was the factor here. No negative Marking, so dont waste time on a question you have no idea of, just mark any option and go forward.
Reasoning section was somewhat easier than english section which was a bit difficult. Reasoning had a few bouncers too. As I am quite good in VA skills, so I completed my english section on time. The Key was to first have a look at all the Passages, then solve the easier one first. one passages was of 6th standard difficulty. Solved it and went on to the other one, which was moderate.
In Reasoning I had a few problems with the pattern recognising questions, with the lack of time management I was tensed and did the last 10 questions in 20 secs, marking any option i liked :P

As I came out, I was surrounded by people as if I had just come out of a Supreme court hearing and was surrounded by Media people  :O)  Students of the later shifts asked me about the questions, i told them what I remembered. Also told them about the passages, which one was easy n which one difficult. The test remained the same throughout the day so  i guess they had an advantage. I came home, quite confident of clearing the test just because of the English section and hoped they dont have sectional cutoffs. I had a good 4 hour, no nonsense sleep. Then I was checking and refreshing my Email every 30 secs, hoping for a mail from tpo. The result came at around 8:30 at night, and BOOM I had cleared the test along with around 250 other guys. I had to report at 8:30 am again tomorrow for the interview. So I had like 3 hours to prepare for it, as I needed a good night sleep.
Started reading my resume, and making out what all questions could be generated out of it, searched Internet for good sounding answers  :think . Then revised the basic concepts of Java, C++ , C, Dbms , Software engineering, Linux etc. In the end I felt sleepy and dozed off, without much study.

Will share the Story of the D Day in the next post :)

hey sir good to see that post i want to know microsoft intership test criteria which held in college premises like what is minimum percentage (credits) required    :|

Help Desk / how 2 download q paper adl.fy has been blocked
« on: August 22, 2013, 11:19:54 pm »
every adl.fy link has been blocked by our f@#king Govt.

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