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This is the official thread for any query regarding IPU admissions or counselling.

If anybody have any doubt or want any help regarding
> counselling procedure
> which college to choose
> which branch to choose
> what are the chances of getting their desired choice
> or any other query

they can post their queries here. 8)
Hey I am getting a chance to upgrade myself from IT to CSE .Shall I upgrade?? Please reply asap

I am getting a chance to upgrade from IT to CSe in IGDTUW.Shall I upgrade or not ? Please reply asap it's urgent  /:)

no upgradation is hell tough don't take branch just thinking bout the upgrading  next year

You have to work hell hard for upgradation and your professors wont let u score good despite your efforts .So think twice before taking a stream and planning to get upgradation afterwards

I'm just another lost child looking for a college myself and I am just sharing the info I get from this site itself so don't call me 'Sir'.
I can just give you an idea of what colleges you can get on the basis of your rank and last year cutoff. So according to me your preference should be like
USICT (any branch, highly unlikely though) > MAIT CS > MAIT CS 2 > MAIT IT > MAIT IT > BVCOE CS > BVCOE CS 2 > BVCOE IT > BVCOE IT 2 > BVCOE ECE > BVCOE ECE 2 > MAIT ECE > MAIT ECE 2 > MSIT CS > MSIT CS 2 > MSIT IT > MSIT IT 2 > MSIT ECE > MSIT ECE 2
After that just fill with the remaining colleges it won't really as you will definitely get one of the above.
There is also a different thread for preference sheets where you can ask your query if you are still unsatisfied.
you should fill other colleges as well which u think you will have no problem attending since I did this mistake last year .Since upgradation works up during sliding rounds u get upper preferrences  :-)

My friend has got Outside Delhi obc rank 5993 which collg he can get ?

if the experiment are same then you can use this content . only the reading is different in every college  rest all are same
okk thnx

Ok thanks  :clap
hlo ..I have been admitted in Igdtuw ...I have seen that the list of experiments is same as in IPU is the content is also same ? Can I copy it directly ..plz tell

bhai detail mai batana kis nam se Dd banega
Registrar,Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University
It should be payable at Delhi....plzz rectify if I am wrong

Why do you want to take a risk? Just get the DD cancelled and make a new one, only nominal charges are applied.
you r right @Rakshas

my brother had same issue ...he got a new dd ..and had cancelled previous one plzz do the same ..don't take risk

they have released ...go to ipu website clik counselling 2016 and there clik seat status

They havent released status of 31st july yet  L-)
they have released ...go to ipu website clik counselling 2016 and there clik seat status

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