Author Topic: Windows Phone 7 HomeScreen for nokia s60v5 mobiles  (Read 4921 times)

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Windows Phone 7 HomeScreen for nokia s60v5 mobiles
« on: October 27, 2011, 11:15:44 PM »
This is a theme for SPB Shell so you need to have SPB shell installed on the mobile.
To download SPB Shell along with registration keys visit my other post:


 there is no" bottom panel, there is only an invisible button to call
options in place of the removed bottom bar ie tap at the bottom right
corner to add a widget to change the background, etc.

 add a button to call spb menu \\ spb contacts \\ log anywhere on the
desktop: add new widgets -> tag -> spb -> and select the
*If there is one screen (working or
free) and one page, then scrolling will be vertical, as in the windows
phone 7, if you put more than one page, scrolling will be as usual
*All the standard skins from Spb left, and added new

- New skins hours (5 units) and one new skin Weather
- Skins for widgets Date, Alarm, Backlight, Profiles in style WP7
- In the folder spb added links to your favorite contacts and launcher
 Skins for widgets wireless connections in the style of WP7, they will
go without a background. To add a background for these skins need to add
 a widget to replace the battery and the skin of the widget to the

New! Color Schemes
To install color schemes download the colour scheme zip file from below and put your desired colour to Others\\SPBShell folder

[ul][li]Exit the program [/li][li]Spbshell folder copied to E: \\ others \\ [/li][li]File
 SpbShell_20028b16.reg copy in C: \\ system \\ apps agreeing to replace
(just in case, save the original file is then to restore the previous
settings), but the registration will knock [/li][li]Delete the file E: \\
Private \\ 20028b16 \\ SpbShellBackup.reg (if full access is not, then
connect to the computer in mass storage mode) [/li][li]Run spb mobile shell. [/li][/ul]DOWNLOAD

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Color Schemes
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