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Title: Samsung Galaxy Gear: Hands-On Review
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price= 299$
Samsung is the first smartphone OEM to leap with Galaxy Gear, a timepiece and smartphone shortcut all in one. Thatís not to say itís the only device out there as Pebble (, a popular rival and baseline standard for smartwatches, andQualcommís Toq ( are also in the market
 With a 1.6-inch display, there are going to be inherent limitations. Dialing a phone number manually requires extra attention considering the small screen surface. S Voice aids the process by integrating a Siri-like voice command option, allowing you to call by contact name rather than typing in phone numbers. The Galaxy Gearís call quality is pretty solid. After a few test calls and one argument as to why I was calling so late, people on the other end said they could hear me clearly, whether the build-in strap mic was by my side or near my face. However, hearing them wasnít as easy and I ended up mimicking the Secret Service by holding the watch up to my ear. The Galaxy Gear is convenient for keeping track of texts, but responding to them is annoying. The S Voice command works sporadically and text colloquialisms arenít exactly speech-friendly. And when it comes to apps, another failure. The availability just isnít thereóat least for now. As mentioned, the small screen comes with some inherent limitations so itís understandable if you donít want to use certain apps on a smartwatchóbut you need to have some heavy hitters: Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, for instance. These apps are ubiquitous with smartphones and are arguably as important as a phoneís core functions.
The Galaxy Gearís 1.9 megapixel camera also comes with a 720p video and playback capability, though it can only record in 15-second chunks. The device communicates with the Note via Bluetooth 4.0 and has an accelerometer and gyroscope packed in as well. Storage tops out at 4GB, and the 315mAh battery provides little more than a two-day charge. Thatís much less than its competitors.