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The most expensive transfer fee TOP 11
« on: June 08, 2017, 08:20:13 am »

[size=78%]European League has come to an end, the summer window is also open, the famous sports media "open-air sports stands" also according to the location statistics of the world today, the highest share of the world football team 11 lineup. Real Madrid has three people selected, and Barcelona and Juventus were two finalists. "Open - air sports stands" at the end of the article also ridiculed to write a "Which player in the summer window will join the lineup?[/size]
Buffon in 2001 to 44.95 million pounds worth to join Juventus, in the Bianma army was a great success, although this transfer has passed 16 years, buy fifa coins but still no goalkeeper more than Buffon's transfer record The
Four of the defense lines are Alves, Luke - Shaw, Stone and David - Louis. Alves left Sevilla in 2008 to join Barcelona, came to Barcelona, he also grew rapidly, over the years in this position has a great play, and then 30.18 million pounds to join Barcelona's worth so far no one to break Right back position).
David - Louis in the summer of 2004 to 42.08 million pounds to join Paris, when he also became the world's highest-paid defender, and in the summer of 2016, Stone to 47.26 million pounds to join the Manchester City, he also broke David - Louis's record, has become the world's most expensive defender, but from the play in Manchester City, melon handsome made a failure of the transaction. Luke Xiao in 2014 to 31.88 million pounds to join the Red Devils, but after coming to Manchester United, Luke - Xiao is quite ring true, the Champions League against Eindhoven broken legs, cheap fifa coins and then because of the game attitude was Mourinho The pain granted.
Midfielder of the four are Bell, C Luo, Bogba and J Luo, C Lo in 2009 to 79.9 million to join Real Madrid, in the warships received numerous honors, Bell in 2013 to 85.85 million pounds to join Real Madrid, although the strength But the frequent injuries affect his play in Real Madrid, J Luo in the summer of 2014 to join Real Madrid, came to the first season of the warships to play high light, in the league to hand over the goal and assists double 10 + data, But in the last two seasons has become the edge of Real Madrid players. Bogba in last summer to 89.25 million pounds to join Manchester United, he also became the world's most high-profile players in the world, in the past this season to help Manchester United won the League Cup, Community Shield and the European Cup champion The
The double line on the front line is Higuain and Nemal. Higuain in the summer of 2016 to 76.5 million pounds to join Juventus, the media and fans think this is a not worth of transactions, but Higuain this season but Juventus won the Serie A and the Italian Cup double title , While helping Juventus reached the Champions League final. Nei Maer joined the Barcelona transfer fee that year there is a lot of argument, and Germany's "transfer market" that Barcelona acquired Nemal spent a total of 74.97 million pounds, so less of the successful selection of this lineup.
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