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聲gel Di Mar燰: Please let me go to Barca
« on: September 01, 2017, 01:16:25 pm »
[size=78%]This summer, cheap fifa 18 coins between Barcelona and Di Maria has been scandal constantly. Di Maria is not the first choice for Barcelona, [/size][size=78%]​​[/size][size=78%]but he is an important candidate for B's plan, he is considered one of Kutiniao's important spares. Now the transfer window is about to close, Dimaliya finally sit still. According to Searle Radio reported that Dimaliya asked Paris to release their own to join Barcelona.[/size]
Despite the Real Madrid brand, but Dimaliya is now very much want to join Barcelona. Di Maria has informed the Paris coach Emery, he hopes to go to Nou Camp, and hope that Paris can release their own. Messi is happy to see DiMalia's joining, Dimaliya also want to accompany Messi.
Searle pointed out that Barcelona has made two quotes for Dimalayah this summer, but have been rejected by Paris. Barcelona's first offer for 25 million euros, the second offer for 30 million euros. In today's transfer market serious bubble of the era, Barcelona's offer is not enough generous.
As a result of Paris and Nemal fall out, Barcelona is now even reluctant to Dharma out of the transfer fee, Red and Blue Corps did not want to help Paris return funds to deal with UEFA's financial fair bill. Barcelona is only willing to use the player to exchange the way to get Di Maria, Gomez and Turan these two substitutions are considered to exchange candidates.
"Daily Sport newspaper" pointed out that the idea of ​​Barcelona seems like a fairy tale, but there are also possible possibilities. Gomez is not the main force in Barcelona, ​​and with Roberto back to the midfield line, his position will be further weakened, Turan is on the Barcelona cleaning list. Emery is very grateful to Gomez, he taught in the Spanish when the Portuguese green eyes are added. cheap fifa coins
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