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3D printing in the automotive industry is being used to speed up new product testing, create complex production tools, produce prototypes that mimic reality, and aid in manufacturing small quantities of classic car parts that no longer exist.

Rapid Prototypes for Functional Testing & Scale Models

vexmatech 3D printers are precise enough to produce accurate prototypes to validate your design or give you a scale model of your part or even a whole car.  This allows you to have the best quality design, increased feedback earlier in the design process, and saves you the time and money it would normally cost to make multiple metal tools at each design change.

Highly Complex, Durable, & Lightweight Production Tools

Using 3D printing to produce manufacturing jigs & fixtures has many benefits above the time and cost savings compared to traditional manufacturing.  Our 3D printing materials are strong but they are also lightweight.  By giving you the option to print in a sparse-fill build you have more control on the weight of parts, especially those that are being used by workers hundreds of times in a shift.

Benefits of 3D Printing in the Automotive Industry

Using 3D printing in the automotive industry gives you the following benefits:

> Unsupervised builds VS a CNC Machine that requires a full time operator
> Cost Effective Customization
> Improved quality and speed of prototypes
> Ability to create large prototypes in strong materials such as Ultem
> Increased communication and feedback earlier in the design cycle
> Increased production with optimized tools
> Decreased design time with functional testing
> Cost reductions in engineering documentation, warehousing, and

Changes which will occur in the activities of the international freight services

The changes in the production will be significant:

    With the shifting of the production sites closer to the end consumer, the need for storages will decrease. The orders will be performed faster.
    With the lessened distances between the production and the consumer, the routes for small shipments will become shorter too.
    There will be a growing demand for 3D shops in which the member companies of the European network for transportation will offer deliveries to the customers who ordered the goods.
    The demand for logistics services will decrease to a large extent
    The companies in the freight forwarding network which offer more added value will be in a more favourable position
    With the development of the new technologies which will lower the cost of various goods in mass copies and single copies, the need for groupage transport will grow
    The customers will want not only to be able to order customised products but also to receive them in the time requested by them which will increase the demand for express transport services
    With the massive deployment of 3D technologies, the freight forwarders in Europe can turn into manufacturers
    The companies in the International forwarders network need to react quickly to the changes in the market, when a demand for certain new goods appears in a given area
    The need for logistics of materials will prevail over the forwarding of ready products

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    The need of logistics services for the delivery of spare parts will grow significantly. Until now, the majority of spare parts were kept in storage for year. Now with the new 3D technologies, the necessary spare parts can be easily printed out

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Re: 3D Printing In Automotive Industry & challenges for logistic
« Reply #1 on: November 24, 2018, 07:35:12 pm »
Hi, Thanks for sharing car 3D printing information! Do your favorite and exotic car qualify to make our list of 30 fastest cars in the world? These astoundingly fast cars are both streets legal and available for sale around the world.

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