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Learn any foreign language for free..!!
« on: August 16, 2012, 10:55:23 pm »
Hi Techbitians..!!

:) :)

Today, Everyone wants to learn a foreing language and it's must in these days ,  and everyone knows that a foreign language gives 5 stars to your resume and you have much higher chances to get selected in any company. ;)

Well whatever may the reason to learn, but the best part is you could learn it for free !!!

Here is the e-learning website I found few days back, so thought to share with you all..!!!!

Here is the very first site I liked the most

It has two versions   :rtfr
1) Free :- Learn language but to learn after sometime, you have to help people with languages you know so that you can learn the language you want.

2) Paid : Of course any one of us will not get it  :P

The second one I found is

BBC Languages :think

BBC Languages offers courses and other resources for people starting a new language. Languages offered include French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese. Since the site is run by the BBC (the British Broadcasting Corporation), it includes many resources for accessing and reading the news in other languages. One downside of this site is that the main page isnít very well organized, so it can be hard to know where to begin. Still, itís a good resource for self-motivated learners.

For Practice or Reference   :think  :think


Verbling is a free video chat service that pairs you with conversation partners who speak the language youíre learning. Like LiveMocha, learners are expected to teach each other ó youíll spend half the call speaking your native language, and the other half speaking theirs. Verbling even suggests easy conversation topics to help you get started. While this service isnít for absolute beginners, itís useful for anyone who needs practice speaking and listening.

You may now want some dictionary type site to get better at the language, so here it is..!!

Word Reference

I hope that you find this sites useful..!!

All the best..!!  :hd :hd :hd

With Warm Regards

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