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Zidane may lost his position
« on: September 26, 2017, 12:51:56 pm »
[size=78%]As the first in the history of the Champions League to achieve the defending team's meritorious coach, Zined in Real Madrid's position in the summer reached its peak, followed by the metaphysical master of the reputation - even if the team played badly, the staff is not neat, Eventually have a way to get the victory of the game, really impressive. However, buy fifa 18 coins metaphysical halo after entering the new season, suddenly faded.[/size]
As the defending champion, Galaxy warships in the league's start was unusually bad. Start the home 3 victorious, the French coach has encountered a Real Madrid coach to become the biggest crisis of confidence. In fact, Real Madrid new season is not without signs, but other giants are in the summer when the arms race, Real Madrid has some leisurely leisurely lying on the credit book for regular summer business activities. Although also added U21 European Youth MVP Cevallus, recalled in the Bundesliga outstanding performance of Vallejo and Mayoral, but in order to please the team part of the star, to ensure that their playing time while taking two Power to send J Luo and Mora tower, has been proved to be fatal mistakes.
When Benzema lost confidence, Mayor is still immature, Real Madrid fans involuntarily will look to the opposite of the English Channel has been discerning Conte intend to marry her daughter Mora tower! In the fierce against the Premiership, Mora tower 6 round has made 8 balls, the last round is to complete the hat trick, the state is good. When C Luo and Bell suffered injuries can not reflect the role of superstar, the fans will certainly regret J Luo's departure. Colombian star made in the last week 3 goals, transmission of the power to lead the Bayern to make the visiting team proud of the proud to the Schalke (Virtins) stadium. buy fifa coins
Of course, let go of Mora and J Luo obviously can not be Zidane a person's decision, but favor the compatriots Benzema, take care of the Spanish home on behalf of Isko, is the last week Zizu well-known attitude. Although the latter's growth reported Zizu's trust, but just renew the French striker is really disappointing. And the team's performance is not ideal, but also to the original Qi Da's convincing dressing room renewed waves.
League played only 6 rounds, Real Madrid actually behind rivals Barcelona has 7 points, the pit looks difficult to fill some Spanish media recently broke the news, said the team a big brother dissatisfied with the rotation of Zinedine Zidane, Zizu coach Real Madrid has encountered a serious authority challenge. It is reported that the temporary unknown name of the big brother that Zidane's rotation tactics to be questionable, Arsenio early season, but the state can not guarantee the starting, and the team often in 4-4-2 and 4-3-3 No reason to switch, as the coach of Zinedine Zidane to take full responsibility for this. Real Madrid team gathered in the stars, but actually called the star is also a handful. C Lo had a public dissatisfaction with Zidane's black history, last season twice in Real Madrid need to score the case was replaced by Qi Zu, C Luo not only refused to shake hands, and immediately on the bench soared. C Luo has been fast and fast language, and in the dressing room to speak quite a share of their own past and Mourinho outstretched, so dissatisfied with Qi Zu tactical arrangements are normal. And from the Zulu C Lo's attitude, has always been polite, even if it is C Luo last season's move, also did not lead Zu's severely punished. In addition, Ramos as captain, against the Royal Society was exposed before the warning Zidane we can not lose points, and the coach and the dialogue, Ramos, whether it is status or character is not surprising. So Ramos is also dissatisfied with Zidane's a popular candidate. And Ramos has not been the media recently came out, warned the club can not be introduced in the winter transfer window Arsenal Chilean thigh Sanchez. The reason turned out to be ridiculous, "the effectiveness of the Barcelona players can not be", there is the locker room will be an important character Benzema playing time squeeze. Bell is also the potential big brother, but Welsh flying wing of course, on the bench is a positive attitude, after all, Arsenio will compete with him playing time.
However, if the fans worry about Zizu will not stiff with the stars? The answer is basically negative. And then Mourinho different, Zidane character is more moderate, and the big guys will not head-on. But the long past, spoiled the stars are clearly one day will be Galaxy warships turn over, and need to be responsible for the shipwreck accident, the first to bear the brunt of the people as the coach Zinedine Zidane.
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