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i will cut the crap and come to straight point
for ssc cgl 14 combined graduate level exam here are some inputs from my side 

promotion wise


first promotion in 3-4 years
and it goes like this
Proposed promotional hierarchy of Examiners of Customs
(1) Examiner
(2) Appraiser
(3) Asstt. Commissioner
(4) Deputy Commissioner
(5) Joint Commissioner
(6) Addl. Commissioner
(7) Commissioner
Total 6 promotions with a fair chance of 7th promotion

few other things about this post which i have heard or i know

one of the few cgl post in which you will get or feel power unlike the two mentioned below here you will feel power

the downside of this post is that you will be posted in coastal areas only so those whose home town is mumbai chennai or kolkata i think this is the the real dream post
also even after promotion you will be coastral city
so if you wanna be in your home town
typical issue with people from north more specific delhi
you better consider about the away from home factor

extra income wise this is also very good post i think the best

next in my opinion is
iti income tax inspector
and his is having zonal seniority but it is more or less 5-6 for first promotion
and it goes like this
Promotional hierarchy of Inspector of Income Tax
(1) Inspector
(2) ITO
(3) Asstt. Commissioner
(4) Deputy Commissioner
(5) Joint Commissioner
(6) Addl. Commissioner
(7) Commissioner
Total 6 promotions with a fair chance of reaching even above

here first thing
the iti is not having that real power
power starts with ito
but you will reach ito very quickly

corruption meter is lower
but it has advantage of being in delhi unlike examiner

next is definitely assistant css
his is having 5 year wait period for first promotion

and it goes like this
 Promotional hierarchy of Assistant of CSS/Rajya Sabha
(1) Assistant
(2) Section Officer
(Direct promotion to Senior Group A equivalent to our 2 Promotions)
(3) Under Secretary
(4) Deputy Secretary
(5) Director
(6) Joint Secretary
Total equivalent to 6 promotions
best post promotion wise for living in delhi only

but here is the catch
you will be in files for a long long time
extra income forget about that

power no such until you reach under secretary
you can prepare for ias or cat or gmat if you want


it is having the issue of zonal seniority
and some zone 2002 inspector are getting promoted to sp and in some 1992 batch ie period of above 21 years
 Promotional hierarchy of Inspector of Central Excise
(1) Inspector
(2) Superintendent
(3) Asstt. Commissioner (if any)
Total 1 promotion in the most of the cases


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ITI VS EXAMINER VS CSS for ssc cgl 14 post promotion and income WISE
« Reply #1 on: January 18, 2014, 11:50:12 pm »
now next logical question what you should be picking
and answer is depending upon

what you want

so here is my check list

if you want home posting and your home state is not having coastal areas
then kick examiner out of list just forget about it
if your home state have coastal area examiner is the post for you

if you wanna prepare for upsc or higher exam

css is the post for you
stress wise
it is
css < iti < examiner and if

money is the only criteria for  cgl keep css out of the picture

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doubts regarding cpt what it is and how many chances are allowed
« Reply #2 on: January 19, 2014, 12:48:08 pm »
the following is based on cpt test i gave in 2012 while i was in bangalore hope it will help you

cpt computer proficiency test is taken for assistant in css and ta

now first i will take it for css

only three chances are given for css and commission counts that if you have filled form and indicated css as you post in preference
that is taken as chance

but let me remind you that commission dont have any physical way of finding it out that you have filled css as choice
they dont keep a counter

now what will happen in cpt
first your document will be verified

if everything is ok
then you will be taken to a lab

you will be allocated a system in which you will have to type a page

we were given physical page

the application will not be like word processor so it will not indicate any error to you
things to note
you can correct your mistake ie backspace will be working
space missed or line missed is counted as an error

if you mistype a character then it is counted as half mistake- ex - kimd instead of kind  and if you miss type completely or miss the word it is taken on full mistake

you have 2000 key depression so that amounts to 2000/5 = 400 words , commission count 5 key depression as one word

now for css mistake allowed are 5 % that is 400*5/100=20
so in all 20 full mistake are allowed

for ta mistake count i think is 10 % so 40 mistake are allowed

dont miss anything or line or paragraph other wise you are a gonner

i wil update about excel later

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