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JAM: A JAM is just about the truest test of extempore speaking skills there is. In this battle of mind over mouth, you’ll have to try and get through one minute of speaking on a whacky topic, without hesitation, repetition or deviation, while your competitors listen closely for any mistakes you may make, and must be restrained from jumping out of their chairs with their objections when you do. Watch out though. The game is run by the JAM-master, and he’s as likely to award points for suitably entertaining incorrect objections as he is for legitimate ones.

The Waves Debate: Debate is the art of using the most words to not answer a direct question, an annoyingly clever-ish man once said. If your stylish put-downs around your friends have convinced you that you are in fact a good debater, then this event is for you. Showcase the beauty of logic in your statements, and in case there is none, showcase your ability to pretend that there is, with killer rhetoric and Razzie-worthy conviction.  

Wordgames Prime: With the wide variety of entertainment options available today, why on earth would people still play Wordgames? No, we’re not trying to be retro-cool, though our forefathers probably did play a lot of these games, and, we have reason to believe, were a lot better at them than we are. We just enjoy it. If you too take joy in prepensely contorting austere proclamations to bring in verbosity for the modest, yet self-appeasing task of befuddling the victim, then come, show off your skills as you dive with us into a word of palindromes, anagrams, puns, spoonerisms, portmanteaus, and, if, God forbid, all else fails us, then, crosswords.

Creative Writing: What’s a literary fest without a writing contest? If you’re suitably annoyed by people bopping around having a gala time at all the other so-called literary events, effectively butchering your definition of true literature, then head here. We promise you a quite room, a blank piece of paper, a pen complete with an already chewed-up end. There, let your creative juices flow, and put that intermittently-working pen to good use, as we hand you some topics you’d never expect to find in a writing competition of even moderately good repute.

Informals: And now for what we’ll be up to between events. Recall word origins for the Spelling Bee, debate with yourself for Block and Tackle, spin us a yarn in Troika Buster and imitate your favourite eccentric personality in Shipwreck, all while we try and come up with even more informal events.
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