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(The following is what I've learnt and understood in the two years of my college.Further i feel such information would've been really useful back then; hence the article).

Almost everyone would tell you what mechatronics and tool engineering are about.

Tool Engineering:
The branch of engineering having to do with planning the tooling and processes required for manufacturing certain products, with the design and manufacture of the tools, dies, and jigs required, and with the control of the production processes.

Mechatronics is a multidisciplinary field of engineering that includes a combination of systems engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, telecommunications engineering, control engineering and computer engineering.

But such definitions don't tell us anything about what the ground situation is. 8-) 

So these definitions need to be explained......

Its only recently that this course began to be taught in India. As far as D.I.T.E is concerned the senior most batch has entered their final year just this session (2016-17).
Most colleges and private universities (eg.SRM) broadly have similar curriculum.

As far as robotics and actual career related work is concerned - most career opportunities are abroad.

But our curriculum is not designed
so that we can immediately dive into such fields. One would most certainly require a masters to work in specialised fields.

It is only an introduction to a variety of subjects in different fields. Initially you wont be able to see how the different subjects are connected.

This gives one immense opportunity to diverge into different fields and find careers in different areas in India itself.

Most subjects are the same subjects studied either by mechanical or electrical or electronics students.

Lets see how the break-up pans out:

1st year is same for everyone, so we wont talk about that.

Mechanical subjects you would study in 2nd/3rd/4th years:

  • material science
  • numerical analysis and statistical techniques
  • fluid mechanics
  • mechanics of solids/strength of materials
  • Kinematics and dynamics of machinery/theory of machines
  • thermal science
  • hydraulics and pneumatics
  • machine element design
  • metrology and quality control
  • manufacturing technology
  • management of manufacturing systems
  • computer integrated manufacturing
  • automotive electronics
  • Computer aided design
  • micro-electromechanical systems and Nano-technology
Apart from this there are choices in electives for mechanical subjects like IC ENGINES and refrigeration and air conditioning.But I'm cannot certainly say if the choices are freely available to choose.(only certain subjects out of the entire list of choices may be possible)

So its clear that:
  • If one wants to go to mechanical CAD design/analysis field one can easily make the transistion.
  • For gate, many subjects in mechanical, here are covered but other subjects like heat transfer, Power engineering and operations research are not in our curriculum which are there in the gate syllabus - but again this can be easily covered-if one has already covered the other subjects above.
Electronics/electrical subjects:

  • Switching Theory and Logic Design/ digital electronics
  • measurements and instrumentation
  • Signals and systems
  • control systems
  • Digital signal processing
  • power electronics and drives
  • sensors and transducers
  • Programmable Logic Controller and Scada
  • Microprocessors and microcontrollers
  • mechatronics systems design
  • Robotics
  • embedded systems
Now again, choices in electives do include A.I., Digital Image processing, object oriented software engineering but one cant be sure if such options are "actually" available to the students at the time of choosing.

So from here a few other things clear up:

  • It would be almost impossible to take the gate exam for ECE as communication, electromagnetics, networking (the backbone of ECE are entirely left out).
  • Its relatively less difficult (although still a very difficult) to think of taking the gate exam for EEE. (But one would be required to cover:electrical machines, power systems, analog electronics).
  • Also coding as career would also not be wise as one would be at loss studying so many different fields which he may not even use. Further s/he would have to study so many other things.
  • Job opportunities as ECE and EEE is again difficult, but not impossible if one chooses to specialise and pursue masters.
Projects and Training:
The wonderful thing about this course is the immense variety of fields it covers and hence so many projects and courses one can do, like:
  • Software based design/analysis projects from the mechanical side of subjects.
  • Robotics projects and embedded systems training.
  • Plc-Scada based traininng and projects.
  • From my friends, I know that as far as internships go, there plenty opportunities- there many who got an opportunity in automobile companies -maruti,hero-honda and also others who got to intern at lastech (drdo).
On a side note:
There are many gaps in the curriculum.
For instance we werent taught oops but we began directly applying that while studying numerical analysis and statistical techniques
Further the curriculum didnot have applied mathematics -3 or 4. So we never studied Fourier analysis formally. Although it was a requirement in signals and systems.Similarly there are other gaps.

Also as you noticed there are gaps in even the career opportunities and even taking the gate exam.
So if you are about to take mechatronics, do keep in mind that if you are not certain about your career
take mechatronics- it has a variety of opportunities, but also keep in mind that once you've decided about specific careers-you would have to make ammends for the "gaps".

Tool Engineering:
(Disclaimer:I'm not a tool engineering student myself.But from being around in d.i.t.e I've figured out few important things that might be useful for people to know- It would be appreciated if tool engineers and mechanical engineers also tells us a bit about this)
I'm surprised to see tool engineering go so low in the counselling.As far as these 4 years are concerned there is one thing that is certainly true:The ground work for becoming a tool engineer is almost same as that of a mechanical engineer.

Infact there has been an issue of equivalence certificate between Mechanical and automation/mechanical/tool engineering:

The placement of tool engineers of D.I.T.E has been good.Check out the latest placement update (2015-16) in the attachment.So again as you would have seen in the above link,a tool engineer can easily take the gate exam and even apply for mechanical jobs. (the subjects are almost same).
If the you are getting poor courses or colleges, do re-consider your college choices and think about taking tool engineering.
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Nice info  :clap
Placement stats are good 
Due to lack knowledge in students and inactivity of students of dite. dite rank is too low in ipu
Your post certainly changed the mindset of students  :-D

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nice info.... placments are gud...i never thought dite mai placements hoti hai... (:| (:|
changed my perception....


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