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Choosing the right treatment method
« on: July 18, 2014, 03:23:53 pm »
 It seems difficult to choose the best Ayurvedic hospital in Kerala because there are wide choices of hospitals and most of them function abiding by the rules and laws of Ayurveda. But as in any industry there is however certain issues to be checked before one decides on an ayurvedic institution and haste will only lead to worry and its essential that a background research must be done. Some of the criteria include the feasibility of the research studies conducted, their excellence in the field of Ayurveda and the expertise of the panel of doctors and overall areas of excellence in the field to name a few. Ayurveda has been extensively the only solution to most of the diseases for ages in Kerala before the modern medicine has been introduced in the state. It is considered as a boon of nature because unlike other medicines it has no side effects and it acts by strengthening the immune system and the process of eliminating the disease in like a self-healing process. One of the basic instincts of mankind is the desire to live healthy and maintain fitness and well-being throughout one’s life-span. Reputed hospitals and ayurvedic research centers are spread over acres of lush green scenic splendor as the campus will have its own nurseries and gardens as the regular supply of medicinal herbs and important ingredients must not be obstructed. Since the climatic conditions and soil ecology favors the cultivation and year round harvest of these plants maintaining its maximum potency.

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