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Difference Between CSE and IT
« on: June 09, 2011, 04:42:15 PM »
There is not much difference in CSE(Btech) and IT(Btech)(i dont mean that it is same but i said there is little difference) .

but those who are the students of CSE always argue with those who are in IT that there is much difference and all.

when you try to take addmission in Mtech then they offer same programme for IT and CSE students.

Now see the difference in GGSIPU(indraprastha university,delhi).

you read same subjects till second year(4th sem) after that little bit of  difference starts.  In 5th sem , Cse students read linux & x-win programming where as IT students read digital communication-I and other subjects are same. while In 6th sem, CSE students read multimedia and IT students read digital communication-II.

In 7th sem, CSE students have advance com network and adv com architecture and have to choose 2 subjects from 3 elective subjects*(Mobile computing,compiler construction,RET).
whereas IT students have Advance computer network and multimedia application and have to choose 2 subjects from 3 elective subjects* and this elective subjects* are sam as of CSe students.

so we can see the difference.

In 8th sem, CSe students have artificial intelligence and software testing plus elective subjects* while IT students have mobile computing and embedded systems plus elective subjects*.but in 8th sem the subjects which are elective* for CSE are compulsory for IT and vice versa.

so hardly there is difference of one or 2 subjects in between CSE and IT in IP university,delhi.

and this difference is based on ipu syllabus of btech and this syllabus follow in mostly universities of India.

* elective subjects  : The subjects you have to choose from given choices.
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Difference Between CSE and IT
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