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« on: September 21, 2014, 06:05:37 pm »
Hello everyone
Let me give a brief introduction and the reason to create this topic. I was an Air Force cadet in National Defense Academy, Pune.I had to leave my training due to some family issues.I am sharing in this post my complete experience chronologically, hope aspirants  benefits from this and achieve their goals.

NDA is conducted by UPSC in 2 stages:
1.Written Examination

1.Written Examination consists of Maths and General Ability Test,both subjects of 2:30 hours each.Maximum Marks in Maths-300 and in General Ability Test-600.In GAT ,200 marks of English and 400 marks of GK.

15 April 2012
10-12:30 MATHS
2-4:30 GAT
My exam centre was GB PANT ENGINEERING COLLEGE, OKHLA.I reached half an hour before at the centre.Went to the class ,trying to be calm.As i got my Maths paper, quickly stated solving questions.questions were easy,  some questions took a bit longer, skipped some lengthy question last segment was graphical and statistical and was quickly able to get it over with. I attempted around 90 questions out of 120 questions .if speed and judgement would have been better, could have attended more then.
after analysis of my paper, i went to canteen, had lunch after that walked around in college area.
Next exam started sharp at 2:00 ,English was easy for me ,completed it in 45 minutes. Then came history and geography questions ,somehow managed with it ,of whatever general knowledge i had.Science questions were again average, nothing to be afraid of.
i attempted 120 questions out of 150 questions.

in written exam, speed and accuracy is the key .if your mathematics is good, you will always have an upper hand over others. dont panic and get stuck on a single question, move on to next question just keep building your confidence by solving more questions. there is negative marking, so be cautious of that.the qualifying marks is set by commission.

the result was declared on 9 August,i got selected. after waiting for long time and searching about my centre .Got a call letter for SSB INTERVIEW on 12 October 2012 for NDA-129(AIR FORCE)

reporting- 12 October 2012 1500 hrs
Complete checking of documents.

SSB Intelligence and Personality Test:
The SSB procedure consists of two stage
Selection process-stage I and stage II. Only those
candidates who clear the stage I are permitted to
appear for stage II. The details are :
a . Stage I comprises of Officer Intelligence Rating
(OIR) tests are Picture Perception Description Test
(PP&DT). The candidates will be shortlisted based
on combination of performance in QIR Test and
PP and DT
b. Stage II Comprises of Interview, Group Testing
Officer Tasks, Psychology Tests and the
Conference. These tests are conducted over 4
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« Reply #1 on: September 21, 2014, 08:11:10 pm »
13 October 2012

The screening test (ST) is at first day of the
process. The ST covers Officer Intelligence (O.I.R) and
P.P.D.T. Picture Perception and Description Test.


There are two types of pattern are conducted,
to measure the candidate innate ability, They are
1. Verbal Reasoning and
2. Non Verbal Reasoning.

Verbal Reasoning :-

Coding - Decoding.
Number Series.
Blood Relations.
Direction .
Seating Arrangement.
Basic mathematical aptitude.

 Non-Verbal Reasoning:-
Pattern figures
Cubes and Dice
Venn Diagram


In PPDT the candidates are displayed
a hazy picture in the auditorium  for duration of 30 seconds and
the candidate has to write down a story in 3
minutes by noting down the basic seven
parameters such as

in the square box in the sheet,candidate should mention the age,mood and the situation of the central character. Try to write a positive story, you can use your past experiences to make up something.
for GD,you will be given a chest number, groups will be made of candidate and taken to separate rooms for discussions, after that there is a group discussion of a group of student varying from 8-12.You have to deliver your story in the group. Be confident when you speak .Then there is a discussion in the group on the story, officers there may or may not ask you to come to a conclusion. Listen to their instructions carefully, all your doubts will get cleared. Show some positive reactions, encourage others who are not speaking, be a leader who can work in a team.things may get ugly there,but dont lose your calm.Be confident of you are and show it,its all about getting noticed in a positive way.Dont look at officials,just listen to the speaker and enjoy the moment

result was announced, those who got screened in ,gets to stay for next 4 days.others are instantly sent back to railway station.
There were around 100 ,after screening only 30 left.
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« Reply #2 on: September 21, 2014, 09:30:14 pm »
Next day was Psychology Test,which consists of
1.Thematic Appreciation Test -TAT.
2.Word Association Test -WAT.
3.Situation Reaction Test -SRT.
4 Self Description.

listen to the instructions carefully given by officials
it was displayed on projector
11+1 pictures are shown to write a story in the given time. the 12 th picture is actually an empty image ,you can already have this story in mind as this would help to quickly pen down your story.
for the 11 pictures,make a positive story.use your experiences to make an interesting story, use different names for protagonists, dont use Ram as protagonists always. Have a past,present and future in your story. give a title to your story.

it was displayed on projector
60 words are shown in interval of 15 seconds consecutively.good handwriting with positive sentences would help your chance. Speed is the key here ,try to keep up with the words which are like fired at you. there would be some negative words ,turn it into positive. if you miss any word,skip it and be prepared for next one.Follow the order, its very  important
i was able to get 57 words, missed 3 words.

it is a paper test, complete set of questions are on that paper, you have to just give your response
Situation and how you react,this was asked in this test.60 questions in 30 minutes,be precise dont beat around the bush when you answer, you dont have enough time or space for that,be accurate. there may be similar situations, so dont contradict yourself. Presence of mind is the key here.skip if you cant understand a situation. Give quality responses, it matters.
i was able to give 53 responses.


What you parents think about you?
What your friends think about you?
What your teacher think about you?
What your friends think about you?
Write about yourself.

15 minutes thats all you have ,write fast as you already know the answer to these questions. Just ask the respective persons before going.Show your character traits ,its the inner you they are interested in.Dont lie .

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« Reply #3 on: September 22, 2014, 07:18:56 pm »
covered in 2 days.

1. Group Discussion.(G.D) - Indoor Task
2. Group Planning Exercise or Military Planning
Exercise.(G.P.E or M.P.E)- Indoor Task
3. Progressive Group Task.(P.G.T) -Outdoor
4. Half Group Task.(H.G.T) -Outdoor Task
5. Individual Obstacles(I.O)-Outdoor Task
6. Command Task.(C.T) -Outdoor Task
7. Snake Race or Group Obstacle Race.-
Outdoor Task
8. Individual Lecturette.- Indoor Task
9. Final Group Task(F.G.T)-Outdoor Task

1.Group Discussion
2 GD takes place ,one topic to choose from 3 topics and a compulsory topic to discuss. Time depends on GTO, it may vary from 10-20 minutes.
Good communication skills is the key here.Speak with confidence and listen to the speaker carefully. Don't interrupt anyone. Encourage participation of all group members .Exhibit leadership qualities.

2. Group Planning Exercise or Military Planning
GTO will narrate a problem and explain the model. Candidate need to act as a leader and tackle the problems with proper planning. He then will give a paper in which that problem is written ,just read it and then write the solution on the paper given. Candidates are given 10 minutes to discuss and give solutions.
Make a priority list and keep life saving as top priority.
3. Progressive Group Task
This task is a set of obstacles in which candidates have to cross alongwith a load which is given to them.Balli,plank and rope are provided to get past those obstacles. time is decided by GTO.just look for practical solutions as GTO will cross question.
3 colours -WBR
White: - Both the candidate and the helping
materials can touch the obstacle at this region.
Black: - Only the candidate can touch the
obstacle in this region and not the helping
Red : - Both the candidate and helping material
should not touch the obstacles.

4. Half Group Task
this task is for those who had idea but couldn't convey in a bigger group. Same rules as PGT but generally a single obstacle.

5. Individual Obstacles
10 obstacles 3 minutes
obstacles may vary slightly in different centers

Obstacles Types

a) Commando walk
b) Double ditch jump
c) Tarzan swing
d) Balanced walk
e) Jumping over drum wound with thorny
f) Step by step jump
g) Jumping over the screen (high jump)
h) Burma bridge
i) Tarzan Jump
j) Rope climbing
stamina, speed and fearlessness is the key can repeat the obstacles if you have completed but not just a single obstacle.
I did 10 obstacles

6.Command Task
now you are given task,you are the  leader and you have to choose two subordinates.Quick decision and many solutions to the problem .Choose your subordinates carefully after complete analysis. Dont talk when you are a subordinate and dont ask when you are a commander. All will get different tasks generally or 2 persons getting same task depending on GTO.
I was called by 6 out of 9 of my group members,and I was the last to perform the task as commander.

7. Snake Race
Snake is made of cloth,rope or jute.
Whole Group has to hold the snake but while crossing the obstacles, only 3 members can hold. Whole group gets time penalty for any group member's mistake.
Choose a good warcry and shout it loud to encourage the group members.
1. Spider web
2. Parallel big size iron pipe painted with
white, red alternatively, the candidate
has to cross it without touching the red
lines and bend his body such that
making the `8.
3. 10 feet wall.
4. Crossing parallel walls In between
these walls, a pipe is laid to cross.
be a leader ,take initiatives and help others.

7. Individual Lectureatte
there are 3 topics to choose from,choose which you will be able to speak best.
3 minutes to think and 3 minutes to speak. Confidence,expression, thought process and fluent delivery would definitely highlight you.

8. Final Group Task
final task and give your 100% to leave an impact on GTO.give good ideas,show better co-ordination and take the initiatives.Same rules as in PGT and HGT

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« Reply #4 on: September 26, 2014, 06:49:35 pm »

I was formally dressed in a light blue shirt with white strips,a black pant, navy blue tie and black formal shoes.I entered in the room with my head held high.Stood besides the chair, Interviewer asked me to sit dow.Interviewing Officer is not in his uniform today but is casually dressed, probably so as the candidate doesn't get nervous. While writing something
he asked me some questions

Q.How long have you been waiting and what were you doing during that time?
A.Sir,I was in the waiting room for around 20 minutes and I was reading magazines and newspaper, while I was there.

Q.What did you read today in newspaper?
A.Sir,I read about Cauvery dispute.(explained it in detail)

Q.Why you want to join defense forces.
A.Serve the nation,Passion, Respect, Uniform and Perks.Explained all points.

Q.What if didn't get selected?
A.Listed all options to get into defense, then he said not selected in defense ,then ,Civil Services, PSCs or PSUs.

Q.Which subject will you choose for Mains and why?
A.Maths because of its logical and systematic approach.

Q.Name some contemporary indian mathematician.
A. S.S.Abhyankar and R.C.Bose

Q.Tell me your percentage from 8th to 12th and why did you choose science as stream.
A.Told and Explained

Q.Who else is in your family?
A.Answered briefly

Q.What are your domestic responsibilities?
A.Listed them down.

Q.Tell the names of your friends and why do you like them as your friends.
A.Answered in brief
Q.Who is your favourite teacher and why?

Q.Prove why zero multiplied by any number gives zero.
A.Explained using limits concepts with example

Q.Tell me about your daily routine
A.Answered with details

Q.What is your weakness?
A.Briefly answered, he cross questioned.

Q.Who is your role model and why?

Q.Tell me about your hobbies.
A.He further asked some questions on diary writing details and list of books I have read.

Q.Where is Honolulu?
A.Answered Hawaii in USA

Q.What is the language of Iceland?
A.Don't know

Q.What is the currency of Myanmar?
A.Answered Kyat

Q.What is the national record in men's 100m race?
A.Dont know

Q.What was the position and medal tally of India in London Olympics?

Q.Tell me about your sports events participation in school.

Q.How would you organize a sports event ?
A.Explained in detail

Q.Have you visited any place in Bangalore?
A.Yes,some malls on the day I arrived.

Q.Tell your experience in Bangalore.
A.Explained in detail

He asked me to leave after that.


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